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Mantras for Delayed Marriage

 With  the blessings of Goddess Atharva Soolini Ma, these Mantras should be recited with utmost devotion and faith to get their wish fulfilled. ( there  is only one Temple for Soolini Ma in he North America @ Dayton, OH)

Gatyayani Mantra:

‘Katyaayani Mahaamayey Mahaa Yoginiya Dheeshwari
Nand Gopasutam Devi Pati Mey Kuru Tey Namaha’

This Mantra should be recited 108 times by unmarried girls everyday after getting an initiation through an Atharva Vedic Swamiji in USA.


"O Katyaayani! Mahaa Mayey (names of Mother Goddess), Supreme Lord of all great Yoginis, Make Shree Krishna, my husband. I prostrate before you."


Parbati Swayamvar Mantra:

"Ballarkayutsatprabhaam Kartale Lolbru Malakulam
Malamsanddahatim Manohartanum Mandsmitadhomukheem
Mandam Mandmupesushee Bariyitum Shambhum Jaganmohimim
Vanditpadamishtarthadaam Parvateem"

This sloka should be recited every Friday evening regularly with utmost devotion by the girls to get desired husband, after getting initiation by an Athava Vedic Swamiji


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