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About Us

Param Pujya ,His Holiness, Vedic Samrat, Maharishi, Siddha Purush "Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar" is a child prodigy. He was initiated at the age of five into spiritual life and Atharva vedic practice by his Guru Maharaj Maharishi Sri Chinnappa Siddhar, a great "Siddhar" from India.

His holiness, Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar, is the founder of numerous Hindu temples in the USA and India . Presently he is the only Swamiji who knows the practice of atharva veda in western countries including North America. He is also the publisher of the highest circulated and only Indian American Magazine, " Karma" in USA, with more than 500,000 readers every month. Also Swamiji stands as the highest Hindu Indian American donor from all over the world for the last 4 years, and has donated to various charities, orphanages, and educational institutions all over the world. For the year 2012- 2013 , he has pledged a donation of $51 million U.S. dollars for various social causes.

Swamiji, also known as Dr. Commander Selvam, is an authority of Vedic astrology and India's Atharva veda. He has published thousands of articles about vedic astrology and Atharva veda in the American newspapers. He has published numerous articles in various newspapers such as: Tamil Times, Telgu Times, India west, India Journal, India post, South Asian Insider, Siddhi Times, and Karma, in America. He has founded 6 Hindu Mandirs /Temples in America, and has also constructed the only Hindu Mandir in the USA with the Atharva Vedic Agama(Condition) in Dayton, Ohio, USA.

This is the only Hindu mandir in North America which has separate temples for Grahas Shani and Guru. Also, it is the only temple in the world that has a separate temple with a 100 foot Gopuram for Kala Bhairva and Lord " Nagaraj"(snake temple). This temple has Atharva Soolini, also known as Atharva Rudra Kali, or Soolini Durga. It is a very powerful Yakshini/ Devata to settle any problems related to evil powers, black magic, marriage problems, children problems, business & career problems, court cases, etc.

Swamiji has helped more than 3 million people come out of their various problems in their marriage, children, career, business, father in law, mother in law, sister in law, court cases, black magic, medical malpractice, love, divorce, sexual ,mental , immigration, etc. through his atharva vedic rituals.

You are also welcome to invite our Holiness to your city or to your home for vedic rituals, prayers, satsang, lectures, darshan or public blessings. Swamiji has intent to construct 108 Shiva Vishnu Temples all over the world with vedic schools to teach the Hindu Vedas.

If you or anyone else is interested in starting, constructing, or participating in the construction of a Shiva Vishnu Temple & a "Padasala" (Vedic School) in your city/country then, please contact us at, or call the USA phone number +1- 678 234 6885 immediately for more help.

Also, if you know any temple which needs financial support to manage the Hindu temple in any part of the Universe, we are ready to " adopt" the temple and we will make sure that the temple will survive for generations. In this program, we will fully absorb the Temple(s), and the complete control and management will be vest with our Siddhar peedam . This arrangement is purely to avoid any kind of unwanted politics in the temple's management. As always, swamiji says the temple should be a place for peace and not for politics.

If you have any problems in your life and want to come out of any kinds of problems, then do not hesitate to contact our holiness immediately. All your calls and consultation with our Swamiji are highly confidential.

If you have any problems of any nature in any parts of India, USA or Canada, then call Swamiji immediately, so that he will absolutely find a way to resolve your concerned issues and problems.

Swamiji Sri Selvam Sidhhar also served as the " first" youngest Area Commander and the 4th Area Commander for Chennai- Tamilnadu- India after the independence of India.

Call Swamiji to settle for any of the following issues/ Problems/ Concerns

( Please note the following list is NOT the only list of things where our guru maharaj can help you.) **Late Marriage **All kinds of children Problems
**Problems and court litigations
**Sexual Problems
**Frequent Accidents Problems
* New born Babies Problems
* Partnership Problem
* Love Affairs Problems
* Property Problems
* Government Problem
* Brother/ Sister problems
* Mother-in-law/Father-in-Law problems
* Brother-in-Law-Sister-In-Law Problems
* Drainage of money Problems
* Immigration Problems
* Influence of Good and Bad Spirits , Black Magic, Marundhu, Mandiram, Pilli, Soonyam, Yeval, Katthu, Karuppu etc.
* Any and All kinds of problems created by any Human and or by deadly evils

Do not hesitate to call Swamiji @ + 1 408 829 7780 or reach swamiji through email immediately , if you have any problems in your life. All your calls and consultation with our Swamiji are highly confidential. If there is a good reason to settle your problems, then, our holiness will get into every avenue to make up your life comfortable.

Om hara hara Sri Selvam Siddhar Gurve Namaha
Om Jeya Jeya Sri Siddhar Selvam Guruve Namaha

Om Shanthi!!