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Atharva Soolini Durga Pooja

08-20-2013 Tuesday Wednesday Temple Schedule for the month of Auguest 2013 Daily Schedule
12:00 noon: Padayal. Special Pooja for Sri Atharva Soolini Durga. Come and Feel the Goddess Sri Atharva Soolini Durga Lively. Holy lunch (Maha Prasadam) will be served after this special and rare occasion.

At the spical Pooja/Padayal/Rituals for Soolini Durga Maa, you would get a rare opportunity to meet with Goddesses Durga "LIVELY"Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar will transform the Goddesses "Soolini Durga" in to his spirit tarnsformation. Participating in the transformation of Goddesses Durga Maa/ Soolini Maa, she has helped thousands fo devotees to come out of various difficulties, hardship and problems in marriage, business, job, children, family, divorce, medical malpractice, black magic, children, ect.,

Do not lose this great opportunity. Out of state residents, kindly call in advance for proper accommodation. Everyone should assemble in the Mandir by 11:30 A.M.

Om Soolini Durgayai Namaha

Monday 06:30 p.m. : Special poojas to Lord Shiva.
Tuesday 03:00 p.m.-04:30.p.m.: Raaghu Kaala POoja to Sri Vana Durga
Wednesday 06:30 p.m.: Special Poojas to RadhaKrishna.
Thursday 06:30 p.m.: Special Poojas to LOrd Guru(Jupiter).
Friday Morning 10:30 a.m.-12:00 noon: Raaghu Kalla Pooja to Sri Atharvana Soolini
Durga. and Sri Atharvana Badrakali Prathyangira Devi, Sri Atharva Sarabeswara
Saturday Morning 10:00 a.m. : Special Poojas to Lord Saneeswara (Saturn).
Evening 06:00p.m. : Special poojas to Lord Balaji.
Sunday Evening 04:30 p.m.-06:00p.m : Special poojas to Lor Kala Bhairava
and Lord Atharva Nagaraja.
Special Ritual Days Schedule on 08-20-2013 Tuesday
12:00 noon Poornima. Padayal- Special Pooja to Sri Atharva Soolini Durga. Soolini Ma Durga will be initiated personally by Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar, and the only Living Siddhar in USA and the " Only Atharva Vedic Swamiji in USA presently" Swamiji will give his blessings continuously for 11 days from August 19th 2013 nwards for every one his devotee in the Temple, and he will conduct personally all the Rituals for the Temple's devotes welfare.

According to the Vedic Scriptures, one should not go empty handed when meeting the kids, elderly people and Gods. If we offer a simple thing to the Gods, they will bless us with good health and wealth. The story of Kuchela is a practical example for this. He offered the most menial thing to Lord Krishna, but in return, Lord Krishna blessed him with great wealth. You can bring any kind of offerings such as fruits, flowers, coconut, sweets, milk, yogurt, honey, ghee, oil and or any kind of groceries for the Maha Annadhan at the Temple.

Atharva Vedic scriptures affirm that of all the charities like giving money, clothes, land to poor and down trodden, Annadhan (offer of food) is the best. Food given to hungry, gives unbounded happiness, purifies the soul, and makes us realize that human community is one and indivisible. By this single act of Annadhan, the donor gets at once the divine blessings. No other charity can make a man feel satisfied as food served when a person is hungry. Annadhan, removes the distortion in this birth. And it also has the power to prevent us from the Annadhan offered to the priests and devotees of the Atharva Vada Yaksha/Yakshin Devatha Temple gives much more benefits and blessing of the Yaksha/Yakshin Devatha and makes giver of Annadhan as best in all their affairs. So, please bring groceries, vegetables, milk yogurt or money and be the best in all your affairs.

Swamiji will give Darshan and personal blessings on those 11 days. For appointment to meet with Swamiji for personal Blessings, please call Toll Free: 1-888-808-1428. Donate generously. Swamiji do not charge or take any money for his great services to the mankind. All he has pledged his entire life, his spirit to the Temple's welfare.

For participation or sponsorship details in any or all poojas, please contact Hindu Temple of Texas (281) 424-5218