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Roll of Mangal/ Mars influencing our marriage and related problems

 It is commonly know that in any horoscope or birth chart, the 7th house rules the marriage, love affairs and the married life. However, the Western system hardly knows that in male horoscopes, the Navamsha chart, and in female horoscopes, the Trinshamsha chart play most important part in the matter of marriage and married life. The another important factor is the Karaka planet ruling the aspect of marriage and spouse. It we have the degrees of all the first seven planets before us at the time of birth of an individual, the planet with the least or smallest degrees (Rashi to be ignored) will be the planet ruling the aspect of marriage and spouse.

Amongst the planets, the most vitally and directly connected with the influencing the marriage and the married life are Mars, Venus and Moon; while in any kind of joint family setup, Saturn also plays an important role.

Mars rules the menstrual system in the females, but at the same time it also rules the personality and masculine vitality in a male. Similarly, Venus rules on one hand the semen content in a male. And on the other it rules the feminine charms in a female, all the attracts the male towards her. Accordingly to all systems of astrology, Moon is the lord of the mind, it rules the process of thinking not only in humans but all animals too.

It is exactly in this context that Mars has come to occupy the most important consideration in matching of horoscopes at the time of marriage. It is not possible to determine the influence of Mars, Venus and Moon about any person without having his/her horoscope before us. The matching of proposals for marriage of basis of the Zodiac Signs of the Sun is therefore an eyewash of an apology in this regard. Even a dud idiot knows that all person born under a particular Sun sign can never have the same personality, the same future, the same likes and needs, the same success and failure in life, we can challengingly claim that for future of any person we have to have its horoscope cast on basis of its correct date, time and place of birth. The scientific element or the ratio between a Sun Sign and individual horoscope is therefore 1:360. In other words, a Sun Sing herds together all individual born in a particular month of the presence of Sun in a Zodiac Sign, irrespective of the year of birth; thereby covering the entire population of the World under twelve Signs or categories, placing a cart-puller and a Chairman of a multi-billion Company in the column of same future and fortune.

On the other hand, an accurately cast horoscope differentiates every individual from its even other fellow being, and allocates them separate and independent future and fortune, which is most scientific system for any astrological consideration. As against 30 or 31 day grouping of all people under a particular sunsign, the individual horoscope is based on an average phase of 2 house; and when we go into detailed calculation and consideration, the range gets narrowed to 13.3 minutes (in case of Navamsha chart) and further down to 4 minutes in case of Trinshamsha chart.

It is against this background that the India system of astrology attaches great importance to a matching of horoscope for purposes of marriage, and not just the sign of the Sun. We know that some western system oriented astrologers in India are advocating matching of marriage on bases of Sun Signs, particularly amongst the ignorant small percentage of Public School educated people, but these astrologers and a group of newspapers are unfortunately introducing thereby the failures and drawbacks of the Western system of marriage into India also

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