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VAASTHU - Ancient Indian Guide to Architecture and solutions remedies for our various problems


Vaastu is the more authoritive and detailed counterpart of FENG SHUI.
This branch of astrology does not do any predictive work but helps you to harness the nature's energy by letting the air, sunlight, water, fire and earth into your life from the Right Direction and in the Right Quantity.
According to VAASTU SHASTRA (The study of architecture) every kind of building / apartment has different directions which are favourable / unfavourable.
Buildings / Apartments with good Vaastu have healthy, happy and prosperous owners. Whereas places with negative Vaastu energy will have losses, ill health, ill repute, hurdles etc.

There are prescribed directions / placements for all kind of settings in a built up structure. Some of the examples are :-
1.Direction for the Main Door (AIR)
2.Direction for the Portico. (AIR)
3.Placement for the Kitchen (FIRE)
4.Placement for Storage Water / Bathroom (WATER)
5.Placement of Place of Worship (LIGHT)
6.Placement of owners Bedroom / Office (EARTH)
7.Storage Area / Dark Area (EARTH)
8.Garden & Plants (EARTH)
Same principles are worked out in case of Factories, Offices, Institutions, etc.
The science of Vaastu doesnot only tell the CORRECT placement but also the ways to Rectify the Property with ill Influences OF VAASTU. For example a South Facing house is not recomended for the purpose of living BUT if we make an Enterance on the eastern end of the south portion the ill effect will vanish.
Your most important tool is a MAGNETIC COMPASS which will tell you the basic directions of all the places in your property.
1.In case of purchases of new property / renting of new property whether personal or commercial.
2.In case you are facing problems / hurdles round about the time you moved into the new place.
3.Find out your potential if you make your old house Vaastu compliant with minimum changes.
4.In case there is lack of harmony at home / work inspite of all other factors being favourable.
Vasikaranam  through Atharava  Vedic Astrology and Rituals
Introduction to Vashikaran-
In the early ages occult knowledge was imparted openly, as the sciences are taught in our colleges now. But in the course of time many allowed their selfishness to rule and so abused their power that it became necessary to withhold such knowledge from the unworthy. Centuries ago, men understood and controlled forces of unbelievable power. Today little is known about the uses of such dark enchantments. In fact, most of what survives, such as Astrology, Crystals, and Tantra is so watered-down as to be practically meaningless. The true origins of most New Age rituals are unknown to most modern-day practitioners, lost over the centuries as such wisdom became more and more shrouded in secrecy. Those with the knowledge and power weren't willing to share it .
You are being Introduced to the Forbidden Science of Thantra
This Life changing information is difficult to find anywhere else. It is my strongest recommendation that you will read & observe every single line on this page.
Unveil the Esoteric Science of Vashikaran.
The Attraction towards the subject of Occult Sciences is not just restricted to knowing about the future of one’s life (like Astrology, Tarot, Numerology etc) but, there are many other hidden aspects to it. Since last several years we as a group are actively involved and dedicated our life to master such forbidden arts. We aim to offer a very rare insider's peek at the world of an ancient tradition of yogis, sages and tantrics, with a highly esoteric knowledge that is not available to all. Vashikaran.Org aims to offer you insights into the Mystical realms of Tantra and attempts to uncover the esoteric rituals which were shrouded under secrecy.
What is Vashikaran?
Vashikaran is a Sanskrit expression composed of two Words Vashi and Karan.
Lets understand Syllable by Syllable. “Vashi” means to Attract, Influence, Allure, Excite or Entice the Desired Person. In other words it refers to bringing a particular person under your Complete Control.
The term “Karan” indicates The Method or Technique of performing it as laid down in Ancient Scriptures.
Vashikaran is an Occult Science of Attraction which drives up immense powers with the combination on Mantra and Yantra. It’s a Science which is used to Control the Minds, Thoughts, Feelings, Speech, Action and Behavior of the person.Vashikaran is a Mystical gift bestowed by our Rishis and Sages. It was devised with one Aim i.e. To Attract the one you Desire or to bring your beloved under your control. This Mystical Eastern Art is been used since ages. Our Ancient Scriptures are proof that these esoteric enchantments were used by the Kings and Imperial, Rich and Royal and anyone who desired someone at sometime in their life. In our quest to learn more we found that this occult science was not only resticted to the East, but it also had concrete usage in the West as well.
So what makes the Science of Vashikaran Complex?
Elementary principles of these mysterious sciences, which seem to be prevailing universally, but the laws that are associated with these sciences are so elusive that an ordinary mind is unable to interpret or understand them without the right Guidance.Vashikaran.Org unveils this Forbidden Science not only from the viewpoint of traditional and scriptural formulations, but also from depth psychological perspectives to make the subject relevant to our times. This groundbreaking insights will open the door to the hidden and forbidden, providing a glimpse into the rich mystic practices that has empowered millions of human beings for centuries.
Keep in mind it is never too late to change a person's mind. Sometimes you have to look deeper than their superficial words and expressions. What lies beneath the surface is all important. If there is a shine of hope, if there is still a spark of interest deep within their soul, you have reason to pursue your love. Vashikaran is particularly suited for you if:
• You are struggling to gain attention of that “Particular Person” but just can't seem to impress.
• If the love of your life seems disinterested in you.
• No matter what you say or do, you can't change their attitude toward you.
• You are afraid as time is running out.
• You know if you can only soften their heart for a moment or two, you can achieve the breakthrough you've been seeking.
• You are determined to give it one last try.
Vashi karan can also be employed under the situation like –
For Instance - If Planet Saturn is malifec in your Birth Chart then, you can use Vashikaran together with Nav Graha Yantra to maximize the benefit. Similarly Vashikaran Yantra and Vashikaran Mantra can also be used to attract prosperity and success in your life. It brings the energy of your Mind Waves to influence the Woman or Man of your dreams towards you. The more intense your desire, the faster the results. If your love is true you will see the result Instantly.
It can also be used for bringing a beloved person under control for good or beneficial intentions such as promoting harmony and synergy in Relationships. This type of ritual is termed as "Positive Vashikaran". These rituals should not be used for negative purposes or ill intentions. It can be applied in various ways such as gaining cordial professional and personal relationships between superiors, colleagues, friends and others. It can also help obtain favors from others especially in matters relating to one's profession. At the same time, it helps enhances a good impression of yourself on others to win affection and friendship in their hearts and minds. Vashikaran also causes others to be drawn towards you favorably. It should be noted that Vashikaran will work only if there is a karmic propensity between the two people.Love can only be encouraged to happen, never forced.
About Vashikaran
There are several unfortunate cases where a spouse or a girl is hypnotized or her original thoughts are changed or suppressed by any illegal or immoral method including negative vashikran (To make a person slave of certain thoughts) or by black magic. If any of your close relative is undergoing such a mental torture or agony, and you feel that such a grave injustice has been done to him or her, you may contact us to seek proper help in getting the temporary negative influence reduce or diminish from his or her head, no matter where the person is.
Positive Vashikaran
Positive Vashikaran is undertaken by Occult Astrology to help wash the brain of the person concerned as a distant or local remedy. It is accepted only in rare cases where we are convinced that some grave injustice has been done to some innocent person or spouse. It is further ensured that the other side is definitely abusing the relationship under the influence of some negative vashikaran method of hypnotism, tele-transfer thoughts or negative influence of a ghost or spirit thrust upon by the opponent side to jam his/her brain to their advantage.
Distance is no problem either for you or the affected persons on both sides. The management of Occult Astrology does not undertake any guarantee of accepting the case, the acceptance of each case depends on the merit and genuineness and availability of time limit required for the treatment.


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