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Krishna Leela


         Lord Krishna and Arjuna arrived a little way from the battlefield of “Maha Bharat Yuddh” and had a deep discussion over the quarrel between Pandavas and Dhuriyodhanas. They were kidth and kins. On account of greediness, the unjust Dhuriyodhana refused to maintain justice and refused to obey their commitment to hand over the country and lands to the “Pandavas”.


        Arjuna felt it sympathetically and was even ready to go to forest with his brothers. It was not out of fearfullness. He was the greatest warrior of the time. The lives of lakhs (thousands) of soldiers from both sides of Dhuriyodhana were at stake and Arjuna would have to be involved. His kind heart did not want to put an end to the precious lives of all his relatives, grand fathers, cousins, brothers, and sons. He would have preferred to go moneyless and landless.


        Lord Krishna, in order to maintain justice, clarified the confusion of Arjuna, who had lived for almost 15 years away from his country and had met with several difficulties all along the way with his brothers and his family. “Unjustice should be curbed and justice should be protected,” this was the teachings of Lord Krishna.


         Lord Krishna is “Sri Man Narayana Moorthy” Maha Vishnu. When the appeal of the Saints and Rishis came to him for the rescue of justice, Lord Maha Vishnu promised to curtail the arrogant demons and save the world from the clutches of injustice.


         He made his “Krishna Avathar” and came into the world as a child to Vasu Deva and Devaki. As lad he killed the Asura “Kamsa” and maintained justice. Rishis, Saints, and the people of world worshipped Lord Krishna for his acts and deeds. Lord Krishna’s further commitment was to provide the welfare of Pandavas. The arrogant and adamant Duriyodhanas should be punished for their guilty proceedings against the Pandavas. It was at this time when Arjuna was hesitating to raise his bow and arrow against his rivals.


         Lord Krishna needed to teach the standards and the principles of human lives. And he would expose the secret of his birth. To unveil the facts and the meaning of earthly life, and about the maintenance of justice and peace, he undertook the mission of the Krishna Avathar. For Arjuna, Lord Krishna was the brother in law, since Arjuna married “Subadhra”, who is none other than the sister of Lord Krishna. Now was the time for The Lord to reveal the fact that his incarnation as ‘Krishna’ would have fulfillment only when Duriyodhana’s injustice met with judgement. Lord Krishna showed his mighty “Wiswa Roopa Dharshan”.


       If a thousand Suns combine, what brightness could be reached? If a human body stretches from the earth to the sky what endless height could be reached? If one head on a body multiplies to thousands and thousands in number, where could it end?


        In such a magnificent way Lord Krishna, with numerous hands and weapons, showed his divine presence to “Arjuna” who bowed down at the feet of Lord, and began to hear his version of reality. The “Bhagavat Geetha” Upadesa commenced, and as a humble disciple, Arjuna heard it with all his obedience. The life we are living now is not our only one. We have been through many.


          That means that prior to this birth we had links with this world in other forms. The spark of Awareness within us is the soul which is defined as Self. No wind can blow it away, and no fire can burn it. That has no beginning and no end.

            That spark of life keeps moving on from one body to next. At one time you have the body of a child, and then you change in to a young person, then to middle age, followed by the body of an old person. Yet in all those bodies you feel yourself to be the same you. Because you are the same as you existed in the beginning, your conclusion inclinds towards your body only.


          But you and your body are different. You are not your body. The final destiny of the body is death. But death is not really final. It is only another transition, another move. Just as you changed from childhood to youth and then to old age, at the death you move on to go through the cycle of birth again. And the birth is in the form of another body.


           What we do in this life sets us on our way to the next. Just as what we do in the school gets us ready for where we go when our schooling is over. In our next birth we can go up or we can go down, or we can get free from the cycle of birth and death altogether.


           Lord Krishna showed the path that leads to the destination of god. Humanity and the perfection of living was explained by the Lord. He said, “Surrender yourself unto Me. Do all actions for the sake of me. Cut off all attachments. Have perfect unswerving devotion to Me”.


         Lord Krishna stressed the importance of Nishkariya Karma. His teachings were precious and important with “Bhathi Pradhana”. The great importance on self-surrender was well observed by Arjuna, who felt it as the correct way to attain God Consciousness. He learned the theory that “God alone existed,” and thus realized the God everywhere and always and in every situation in life.


         By human birth, Lord Krishna came as his own brother-in-law. God delivered all the norms of justice and the right ways of living. All about misconduct, sin, unruly activity, and the importance of justice, one can not understand on the spot. But time would take its own course in punishing sin. It was the time for Arjuna to reclaim his rights in the name of justice. It was his duty to conduct the war against the Duriyodhana and put an end to their atrocities.


       Lord Krishna after teaching all the just theories, from the fundamental base to the level of fulfilled destiny, lifted his conch, “Pancha Jannya”, and made it blow the sieren sound which echoed all over the Battlefield and thus the Maha Bharata War commenced. 





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