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Stress Management




Stress:  Stress defined by selye  as  “the force, pressure, or strain exerted upon a material object or person which result these forces and attempt to maintains its original state”. Stress is ubiquitous in our society. It has become an integrate part of everyday living. Researchers on stress make it clear that, to enter in to the complex area of stress make it clear that, to enter in to the complex area of stress, especially in to the area of occupational stress, is very difficult. Stress is an unavoidable consequence of modern living. Stress has harmful psychological and physiological effects on employees and executives; stress is a major cause of employees can affect the safety of other employees, by controlling dysfunctional stress, individual    and organization can b e managed more effectively.  

Banking sector and stress

         During the past decade the banking sector had under gone rapid and striking changes like policy change due to globalization and liberalization, introduction of new technologies etc. Due to these changes, the executives and employees in the banking sector is experiencing a high level of stress. Occupational stress is an increasingly important occupational health problem and a significant cause of economic loss. Occupational and physiologic disabilities. However it may also cause subtle manifestation of morbidity that can affect personal well being and productivity. A job stressed executives and employees are greater job dissatisfaction, increased absenteeism, increased frequency of drinking and soaking, increase in negative psychological symptoms and reduced aspiration and self esteem.  

          Various techniques in yoga help in stress management. These techniques work at an individual level and also at a collective level of ensure that there is significant respite from the conditions of extreme stress. They help in relieving the physical as well as   the psychological negative effectors   of the problem by ensuring a healthy and productive response to the stress stimuli.      

          Yoga can have a positive effect on the parasympathetic nervous system and aid in lowering heart beat and blood pressure. This reduces the demand of the body for oxygen. Yoga can also improve digestion, strengthen immunity, and help in effective culminating of toxic wastes and also increase lung capacity effective use of this practice can also reduce the chances of stress culminating in anxiety and depression.

          The practice of yoga involves forming various body postures, slow stretching movements breathing exercises that can at times lead to progressive relaxation, imagery and meditation. All these specific techniques are meant for a specific purpose and they culminate in to a higher awareness of that is happening to oneself during stress emotionally, physically mentally and energetically,   are develops an understanding of each part of the body by being more aware of it. The practice includes paying attention to each and every part and therefore, ensures a holistic therapy. The start of practice is with becoming aware of  what the stressful stimuli  is so that one knows what are is fighting, understanding the enemy is an important factor in combat and similarly in a understanding the factors that cause stress can  help you in deciding how if needs to be tackled. Yoga enables and empowers you to control the natural and immediate reactions to a stress. With practice the psychological responses can also be mastered. This means that the previous reaction that put the body in an alert or alarm mode to not take over as soon as a stressful situation occurs.     .

          And this leads to a situation where is irrespective of the challenges you face, you remain calm, composed and capable of talking the situation with a level head.


        The productivity of the work force is the most decisive factor as far as the success of an organization is concerned. The productivity   in turn is dependent the psychosocial well being of the executives employees. In an age of highly dynamic and competitive world, man is exposed to all kinds of stressors that can affect him on all realms of life. Yoga is the only way to tackle work pressure; it has helped them to overcome stress and strain.       


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