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Problems of felony, misdemeanor and DUI and spiritual salvation of the problems through the Atharva Veda.

 The services of Dr. Commander Selvam (Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar) are needed in all aspects of life. But more of his spiritual services are needed in legal issues. Swamiji is not an attorney of any kind or Para legal. But he is the best mediator or broker between an individual and the Almighty. As the attorneys are very well versed in Arguments that are called as “Vaadham” in Sanskrit, Swamiji is well versed in the “Mantra Vaadham” (argument in the court of Almighty and Atharva Veda Yaksha/Yakshini devathas).  There are a lot of legal issues. We will discuss about felony, misdemeanor and DUI cases and getting rid of the problems faced by an individual. The Atharva Veda is the only Veda that deals with spiritual healing of the problems and spiritual salvations of the problems faced by each and every individual.


A felony is a serious crime in the entire world. Felonies were originally crimes which involved the confiscation of a convicted person's land and goods; other crimes were called misdemeanors. The Federal government defines a felony as a crime which involves a potential punishment of one year or longer in prison. Crimes commonly considered to be felonies include, aggravated assault and/or battery, arson, burglary, illegal drug abuse/sales, embezzlement, grand theft, tax evasion, treason, espionage, racketeering, robbery, murder, rape, kidnapping and fraud. Broadly, felonies can be categorized as either violent or non-violent (property, drug, white-collar) offenses. Some offenses, though similar in nature, may be felonies or misdemeanors depending on the circumstances. For example, the illegal manufacture, distribution or possession of controlled substances may be a felony, although possession of small amounts may be only a misdemeanor. Possession of a deadly weapon may be generally legal, but carrying the same weapon into a restricted area such as a school may be viewed as a serious offense, regardless of whether or not there is intent to use the weapon. It is not that each and every one doing any or all of the aforesaid are caught by the police and taken in front of the law. Only a few are caught. Even only a few out of the caught are punished. What is the reason for this? According to the sayings of Atharva Veda nobody in this earth are born as criminals. But they are made as criminals by the environment and the planetary positions in the concerned individual’s horoscope. If the planets are weak in the horoscope, they become the worst criminals. If the planet Sun’s position is weak it is definite that the person will be imprisoned at least for a few months. At the same time if the planet Sun joins with the planet Saturn he becomes powerless. The powerless Sun always puts the individual in troubles and makes the person to do illegal affairs more and more. The individual will be going to jail often. If the planet Sun is debilated and sits along with Raaghu, the individual will be put into jail for false complaints and allegations on him. There are more and more aspects to be calculated according to Atharva Veda. The Atharva Veda tells more and more Yaksha/Yakshini devathas to be worshipped through the rituals.


A misdemeanor, in many common law legal systems, is a "lesser" criminal act. Misdemeanors are generally punished much less severely than felonies, but theoretically more so than administrative infractions (also known as regulatory offenses). Many misdemeanors are punished with monetary fines. Usually only repeat misdemeanor offenders are punished by actual jail time. It is highly unlikely that a first time misdemeanant will serve any jail time. It is likely that if one is convicted of a misdemeanor that it will be expunged. In the United States, the federal government generally considers a crime punishable with incarceration for one year or less to be a misdemeanor. All other crimes are felonies. The distinction between a felony and misdemeanor has been abolished by most other common law jurisdictions. Crimes are divided into summary offences and indictable offences. Those who are convicted of a misdemeanor are known as misdemeanants (as contrasted with those convicted of a felony that is known as felons). Depending on the jurisdiction, examples of misdemeanors may include: petty theft, prostitution, public intoxication, simple assault, disorderly conduct, trespass, vandalism, drug possession, DUI and other similar crimes. Those people who are convicted of misdemeanors are often punished with probation, community service or part-time imprisonment, served on the weekends. The planetary position in an individual’s horoscope is the only reason for all these problems. If the planet Venus is not in a good position in a female’s horoscope, that female’s character will not be good. If that weaker Venus joins with the malefic planet Raaghu it is sure that the particular female will be imprisoned for prostitution case. These are only hints. There are a lot of points are to be analyzed.


Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is the act of operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol or using drugs. It is a criminal offense. The various versions of "driving under the influence" generally constitute a misdemeanor (punishable by up to one year in jail). However, the offense may be elevated to a felony (punishable by a longer term in state prison) if the incident caused serious injury (felony DUI), death (vehicular manslaughter or vehicular homicide), or extensive property damage or if the defendant has a designated number of prior DUI convictions within a given time period. Each and everyone are driving cars and motor vehicles. Not all of them are drinking alcohol. Only a few of them use alcohol or drugs while driving. Even only a few among these alcohol and drug users are arrested by the police. What is the reason for this? According to Atharva Veda the planets play a major role in changing the mind of a person. Out of the nine planets the planet Mercury controls the brain and mind of an individual. If the planet Mercury is in his own house, the individual will have a clear thinking. That individual won’t do any harm or any kind of unlawful activities. If the same planet Mercury sits along with the planet Mars, that concerned individual will be ready even to inject poison in his blood and will be ready even to do the most unlawful things. Not only this. There are more evil planets’ position to divert an individual’s mind towards the drugs and alcohol. How to avoid these sorts of evil planets’ position? Performing Atharva Veda Thantric rituals as per the instructions of Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar is the only way to control all these sort of evil planets’ position.


Basically Dr. Commander Selvam (Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar) wishes each and every one who comes to him, should get settled with all their issues, and imbalances in their life with the blessings of Atharva Veda Yaksha/Yakshini Devathas. He wishes that none should be called as felon or misdemeanants. Dr. Commander Selvam (Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar) has deeply researched the Atharva Veda and has found out a lot of reasons. Nobody in the entire world wishes to be called as criminals. The planets’ positions in one’s horoscope or birth chart make one as a good human being or a criminal. If the planets Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars are not placed properly in one’s horoscope, it is very clear that the person will have the name as criminal. What is the way to remove the evilness of the planets? Worshipping the Atharva Veda Yaksha/Yakshini devathas through the rituals as per the divine instruction of Dr. Commander Selvam (Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar) is the only way to solve the problems of felony, misdemeanor and DUI cases. To know more and more about individual horoscope and to solve your problems contact Dr. Commander Selvam (Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar) @ USA toll free 1-888 808 1428- or email to 




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