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 “He died?” I exclaimed in surprise, “how did he die, betty?”“He hanged himself in our living room…” she replied.

I could sense the sadness and tears through the telephone as I realized that exactly what I feared had happened.“Did you do the second marriage ceremony that I had requested you to do?” I asked. “I remember a year ago I had told you to ask a priest to do a second marriage ceremony one year following the first ceremony for you and Rick…Did you do it Betty?”

Her answer was, “No, I didn’t, we just exchanged rings at the restaurant.”“But that was not what I wanted you to do, Betty. Do you remember what I had told you fifteen months ago, that there was danger to this marriage because of the timing?” I said.

“Yes I did”, She said, “but Punditji said that it was ok to wait for later”I realized immediately that Betty’s Priest was at fault.Betty was born under the life code number 6. I had known her for many years. She was a struggling single woman who worked very hard to take care of herself and her daughter. Her husband and her were separated more than 10 years ago. A year and a half ago she met Rick in 2001. her vedic year code with the year 2001 added up to the number 9. Also, rick’s life code was number 6. Thus Rick’s vedic year code also added up to a 9. Together their marriage code came up to 18 [666]. When she called me fifteen months ago and told me she wanted to marry Rick in the year 2001, I was totally against it. I had told her I was very happy that she did meet Rick and that he was her soulmate, but that the relationship cannot be consummated until January of 2002. Betty had insisted that Rick did not believe in any sort of astrology or vedic predictions and that he will not listen to my advice about postponing any marriage relationship for later. I practically fought with her to bring him to see me, but he would not come. Betty pleaded with me to find some solution to the situation. I finally conceded on one condition: that she should do the marriage ceremony twice between her and Rick. She agreed to talk to the priest, Pundit Chu, who agreed to do the ceremony 12 months later again. After that, the ceremony took place, Betty got married in August of 2001 and I did not hear from Betty again until two months ago.

The year is 2004, and both Betty and Rick are now experiencing Vedic Year Code number 3. Now both of them would run a Vedic Marriage Code of 6 for the year. Betty had called me about two months ago and told me about how Rick was depressed. And once again I insisted that she should bring him to me. Once again Rick refused to come and see me. Now, two months later, Betty is calling me with the news that I feared. I was very sad and disappointed, not with Betty, but with Pundit Chu, who, as a reverend and holy leader, should have insisted that Betty and Rick should remarry again. Had he done this second ceremony, Rick’s life would have been changed.

The year is 2008, and Betty has remarried to Ray, who’s Life code is number 8. Their marriage code is 5 and Betty is somewhat happier, but because of her sufferings, cannot find any trust in her marriage with Ray. As her guidance counselor, I have been able to help her spiritually survive Rick’s death and she has found a lot of peace and tranquility in having the knowledge of the Life code.

The above story illustrates how powerful the Vedic science of Life code is needed for people to understand the path to happiness. Had Rick come and seen me and understood the knowledge of the Lifecode, or more importantly, if the second marriage ceremony had been performed, it would have helped them to avoid a path of depression that eventually led Rick to suicide. One can argue that maybe it was time for Rick to die or that it was not his time to die, but that is a weak excuse for people avoiding the path of knowledge concerning their selves. One cannot say that the blessing and opportunities were not presented to all three of the individuals involved, the priest, Betty and Rick. Each one of these individuals had a free will in choosing whether to follow a positive or a negative path. It is clear that the priest chose the negative path and did not make a sincere effort to remind them about the second ceremony. It is also obvious that Rick was not open minded and that Betty could have believed more in prayer to the point of where she could have influenced Rick a lot more into a spiritual path. This would have guaranteed a second ceremony, even if it was not the same priest that was required to do it. To get a better prospective of the powerful benefit of Life code knowledge, let us analyze a second case.


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