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Sunil, a devotee of the temple, was a single guy seeking to get married. One day while he was attending the various functions of the temple, he met Sunita, another devotee of the Temple, and fell in love. They decided to consult with myself, the Swami, about getting married. Since Sunita lived in New York, they wanted to get married within a month when she returned. After careful analysis of their life charts and with the observation that Sunda’s life code number is 8 and Sunita’s life code is 9, I warned them about starting a relationship in the year 2007 when they met, the reason being that Sunita’s life code would match negatively with the year code (number 9) and any marriage or sexual relationships will result in possible death, separation or financial difficulties. They both promised to wait until the year was finished before starting any intimacy in their relationship. Needless to say, I observed that in 2008 Sunda’s yearly code [8 +2008] will result in a 9. After careful advice and instructions, they and I agreed that we will do a ritual prayer to offset the negativities before they can get together intimately. I also extracted a promise to them that they would agree to get married twice within the next two to three years, in other words they have to perform two marriage ceremonies before the marriage can become satisfactorily happy.

All in agreement, Sunita went back to New York and Sunda waited fore her. Two months later, in July of 2007, Sunita came back to do the special prayers required to start the relationship. Sunda and Sunita were scheduled to perform these prayers a few days after she arrived to the Temple. Thinking that the Swami would not know or their actions, Sunda and Sunita secretly went to the hotel straight from the airport and became intimate with each other. Not realizing the consequences of their sexual relationship before the ceremony and urged by lustful desires, they broke the promise with me and thus created the future karma that I feared most. I realized immediately that now the path of their relationship will become a negative one though I did not instill them any fear of this negative path but I advised them to pray for forgiveness. I proceeded to perform the marriage prayers. Sunita took most of the blame for what happened but asked for forgiveness. After starting to live together, Sunita purchased a $50,000.00 mercedes benz and Sunda lost his job after a month into the marriage. Six months later, the Mercedes benz was repossessed by the dealer because Sunita could not afford the payment and Sunda’s mother quarreled with Sunita. Both Sunda and Sunita came to me to settle their differences. And in all those times, I reminded them that they violated the rules when they slept with each other prior to the ceremony, and that is why they have to suffer the consequences of their actions.

It is the year 2008, one year after I performed their marriage ceremony. Both Sunita and Sunil never performed the second ceremony as requested. One day, Sunda called me and told me that he is sending Sunita back to New York. I consented immediately, I told him to send her back to New York because I realized that this is what was needed to repair the relationship. Even though they did not perform the second ceremony, the simple act of separating from each other while Sunda is experiencing a number 9 vedic year code, will bring them back together in a happier and more divine connection.

Here is a case where all of the separation and troubles in a relationship could have been avoided if they had followed some of the rules I presented to them. My feeling that it was lust at first sight that created this problem, and had it been real love at first, each person would have waited patiently and they would have not lost two years of their life without progress. This is a clear indication of how people can avoid negative karma in their life if proper knowledge of their life code is followed.

The vedic science of life code can prevent such things as death, sickness, divorces, separation, infertility, depression, health problems, wars and more. It is truly the science of the future and if used by every individual on earth, it will present unlimited prosperity for everyone.


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