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 Kami was a devotee of the Swamiji. Every time she wanted to do something new she would consult with Swamiji. After getting married to Chubby, who being a #3 lifecode person was a perfect match for her, she got married with blessings of every one. Before having the child, she wanted to buy a house, so after a long search she found one that she liked.

Her Life code being #8, the house was very appropriate for her it was a #6 house and the sum of that was #5 which was good for Kami. However the #6 house was not compatible with Chubby and Swamiji insisted that they should look for another house.

“My dear Kami, even though I know that you like this house very much, I do not recommend it as your husband may be in danger from sickness or death.”

“Ok Swamiji, I will look for another house.” Replied Kami.A few days later she returned to the temple with her husband and met with the divine teacher.

“Namaskar Swamiji, My husband does not want another house. He insists that we buy this same one. He wants to talk to you about it,” requested Kami as she bowed and took a seat in front of the Holy teacher.

“Hi Swamiji,” said Chubby as he did the same.“You cannot have lived very successfully in this house, Chubby,” said Swamiji said as he blessed them with a smile.“But I like this house and I do not agree that it is a bad house.” said Chubby as he looked very doubtful in his expression.

“Well even though you may see the house as harmless, the number of the house indicates that negative forces present there will affect your health and your happiness.” said Swamiji.“I do not believe in this, Swamiji. I am still going to buy the house.” replied Chubby adamantly.

“Well, I am very unhappy to hear that, but you still have my blessings.” said Swamiji as he turned to Kami, “Please let me know if you have any problems, my dear.”After bidding Swamiji goodbye they left. Chubby and kami moved into the house as they said they would and Kami got pregnant while living there. After the baby was born Swamiji again heard from Kami, who reuested a name for the baby. Incidentally the life code # of the child was #9, indicating that Kami and Chubby had some unhappiness in the house during the pregnancy. A few months later Kami called Swamiji in a frantic voice.

“Swamiji, Swamiji, Chubby is very sick and is in the hospital. The doctors have assessed the disease as Cancer. I need your help and blessings. Do you think he will recover from this if you pray for him.” said Kami in a distressed voice.“I will see what I can do, my dear Kami. You know I had warned you about this house number and its effect”

“I know that you had warned us but Chubby never believed it, but I love him dearly, Swamiji. Please see if you can save him.” She said in tears. Swamiji then visited Chubby at the hospital. He prayed for Chubby to get well and even though Chubby participated in the rituals and prayers he still was not as devoted as he was supposed to be. He still had his arrogance and did not seem to believe in the Swamiji’s teachings. However he was able to come out of the hospital. After a few months in the #6 house he ended up in the hospital again and a few weeks after he died from a reappearance of the cancer. Kami out of the house after selling it and she stayed with her parents in #4 house where she was much happier.As you can see from the above, the house number where you live in is very important. If you add you Birth Life code # to the House and it results in a #9 or a #6 then you should not buy or live in that house. The same will apply to apartment numbers and suite numbers. Even if you go to stay in a hotel you should choose the best room number that matches your life codes


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