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 The term yantra is a Sanskrit word, in technical terms yantra means an instrument, an apparatus, a talisman or mystical diagrams composed of geometric and alphabetic figures usually etched on small plates of gold, silver or copper. These are also made in three dimensions in stone or metal.


The purpose of yantra is to focus spiritual and mental energies, to improve health wealth, invoking of god etc. The shastras or ancient texts have held the power of yantra in high esteem as an effective tool in the path towards realization. As said above this is constructed with observing immutable laws of sacred geometry, with inter locking matrix of geometric figures, circles, triangles etc. Being symbolic representation of energy patterns of a deity is rank amongst the powerful centering device for harnessing divine energies. It is prepared and created by a qualified person as it is made under his specific instruction for fruitful results, although it would not be a difficult for most of us to copy the form of yantra, but it does not yield the desired result unless it is energized by a siddha mantra. This task can be performed by a qualified person that he will infuse in to the yantra with the specific energy via the medium of mantra.


Yantra is used for various purposes such as to diminish the ill effects of the nine planets, to attain good health and prosperity. It is generally preferred by astrologers to ward off the evil effects of the planets, spirits or ones adversaries. It should be written and used with due reverence and faith and must be prepared according to prescribed rituals and instructions, and the puja should be performed by a competent person. Hindu shastras designate this yantra as the most important one as it has a powerful effect on the attainment of power, authority and financial success.


Spirits deities reside in Yantras and without performing pooja of Yantra neither one can appease them nor attains desired results from Deities.

Yantra is a science which can be used through the five elements-earth, water, fire, sky and air and by recitation of mantras to control nature in one's own interest. Deities are worshiped in different forms and each form is linked to a yantra. Yantra uses signs and writings to remove a planet's malice effects and increase it's beneficial aspects. A bindu or zero is used to form various broad figures known as 'Yantras'.


Yantra is an instrument for holding or linear diagrams. It holds a supreme status amongst all the occult sciences and disciplines. Yantras are aboding places of all deities whose seat lies at some place, direction, region or zone.


Basically Yantras are secret keys for establishing resonance with the benefit energies of the macrocosm. Very often the Yantras can put in contact with extremely elevated energies and entities, being of invaluable help on the spiritual path system, reflecting on a large scale one of its component systems or parts. Yantras often focus on a specific deity and so by tuning into the different Yantras. One can interact with certain deities or creative force centres in the universe by the Yantras.

Yantras may be of simple designs symbolizing basic concepts such as cross, triangle, square, circle or lotus. They may be of more complex combinations of such elements in figures which represent abstract form. Yantras are usually designed so that the eye is carried into the centre.



There are some usefull Yantras are Success Yantra, Jyotish Yantra, Rashi Yantra, Vaastu Yantra, Maha Yantra, Jyotish Yantra, Prosperity Yantra, Protection Yantra, Knowledge Yantra and Locket Yantra. Some Important Yantras are:-



This Yantra is helpful in attracting young woman, gaining influence in royal courts and Government and control over wild animals. The Yantra be inscribed on gold plate or thick sandal paste or holy ashes, or vermillion (Placed in a silver or copper plate). The following mantra is recited for twenty five days, one thousand times daily facing north direction. The worship of the Yantra is done with Atharvana Sollini and Jagan Mohini with vermillion or washed rice grains mixed with vermillion. The foods for offering are cooked rice mixed with boiled milk, fruits and honey.




This Yantra can also be used by married ladies whose husbands are engaged in extra marital affairs. On Monday mix white dhoob grass white dhamchi and milk of kapila cow and the ink thus is made. Write on bhojpatra and wear in the neck.


Atharvavana Soolini Yantra -YANTRA FOR ENEMY VASHIKARAN


Take an earthen pot and write the Yantra on it. Kick the pot and again put it in inverted position. Then recite the following mantra hundred and eight times. Write the name of the intended person in centre of the circle.


YANTRA FOR PEACE- Atharvana Gupchika Devi Yantra


This Yantra is meant for peace and eradicates the angriness of person. The Yantra be inscribed carved or written on Tadhpatra with gorochan on any Monday. Write the name of person in place of “Devdutt” for whom Yantra is made. The following mantra is recited for eight days, two thousand times daily facing east direction. The worship of the Yantra is done with Lalita Ashtothara and Durga Ashtothara with red flowers and vermillion. The food for offering are cooked rice with green gram pulse, gruel made of green gram pulse and jaggery, honey and coconuts.


Yantra for Success- Atharvana Rudra Mukhi Yantra


This Yantra is meant for success in business or different trades. The Yantra be inscribed on gold plate or thick sandal paste, vermillion or nice turmeric powder (leveled on a silver plate or plantain leaf ). The following mantra is recited for forty four days, one thousand and eight times daily facing east direction. The worship of the Yantra is done with Lalita Sahasarnama with red lotus petals. The foods for offering are cooked rice, mixed with turmeric powder and a little ghee, sweet milk gruel, boiled milk fruits and betel with slices or arica nut.





The Yantra is useful in attainment of knowledge of self and misery of spells. Yantra be inscribed on gold or copper plate and do worship for forty five days facing north east direction. The Yantra be worshipped through Lalita Thrishthi with champaka flowers or washed rice grams mixed with vermillion. Foods for offerings are sweet gruel, cooked rice and milk.


YANTRA FOR GOOD MEMORY & INTELLECT- Dhana Akarshana Atharvana Bhairavi Yantra


On Deepawali night, the devotee after taking bath wears white clothes and face towards north direction. Place the Yantra on pedestal covered by rice. Worship the Yantra with panchopchar with the following mantra using rosary of crystal for twelve thousand times. Through this Yantra, the Devi bestows power for better understanding, intellect and good memory. During this Pooja, avoid non-veg, and drink.



Different Yantras And Their Uses:


Yantras must be prepared according to prescribed rituals and instructions. Yantras may be worn around the neck, finger or placed at prescribed place and each has different effect as described below.



Shri Bhairon Yantra : It brings good luck and bestows the sadhak with fulfillment of desires. It is effective for Vashi karan, maran and removal of poverty.


Saraswati Yantra : This yantra sharpens the intellect and ensures success in studies and high achievement in competitive examinations.


Mrit Sanjivani Yantra : This yantra offers protection from all diseases bestows sadhak with wealth, good fortune, fame and happiness.


Mangal Yantra : It provides protection from accidents and enables speedy recovery from operation. It frees the sadhak from debts and cures blood pressure and rash temper.

Note : Without Consult any Pandit Or Tantrik don’t use these mantra.


Please note “YOU SOULD NOT” simply buy the yantras from a store or from a pundit or Priest. The yantras should be energized by a proper “ Atharva Vedic Scholar” in the continent you live. These are not a grocery store product, although some funny Grocery store owners sell some kinds so called Yantras in their store for sale. If you buy the yantras without proper support of an Atharva Vedic Guru, you will get in to further more troubles. Call Shiva Vishnu Temple of Georgia in the Toll free # 1-888-808 1418 immediately to come out of your problems. DO NOT WAIT ANY MORE …….. CALL NOW  THE TOLL FREE 1- 888 -808 -1418” Om Shanthi”


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