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Testimonial from Main Stream Devotees of our Living God His Holiness ‘Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar”

 Our Swamiji has millions of followers presently living all over the world. He became the part of millions of his Devotees life. Without consulting or taking the blessings of our Swamiji Siddhar Ji thousands of people do not finalize any important things in their life at all. The following are just few experiences of Non Indian goods souls with our Siddhar Maharaj


Narthaki Devi (Denmark) – took Dhiyan lessons from Swamiji in 2011. I fell completely in love -understand me right- with Swamiji!! So much warmth, heart, humor… Wisdom, beautiful presence, and true humbleness.. How can your heart not melt then I -and the rest of the group – enjoyed each and every class, each and every chanting and meditation with Swami Ji Selvam Siddhar. Real honey for the soul! Just thinking about it now fills me up with gratitude. Swaminji I love you                                  tooooooooooo much!! You are just a miracle. I have never came across any Indian Swamiji with your caliber, intelligence, beauty, kindness, openness, gratitude, in my life at all  To receive teaching from Swamiji is such a blessing. Om namah shivaya.

Juliet Nickolson  (New Zealand) – I stayed at the Dayton, OH Ashram in August 2010 for two weeks while doing the ‘yoga vacation’. I had never been to Temple before so I did not know what to expect or who I would meet there. It was one of the best two weeks of my life. I really enjoyed the whole experience, from meeting absolutely amazing, down-to-earth people to practicing yoga twice a day (also extra lessons were offered if needed, like learning how to make my headstand better) to eating delicious vegetarian meals.

I know I made friends for life. When I left the Ashram I was sad to go but happy to take with me a new positive outlook, something that you can only find at an ashram. Swamiji, with his amazing personality, made me feel like I wanted more … so i’m going for more! I am going to take the Teacher Training Course with Swamiji so that one day I will be able to pass the wonderful experience along and become a yoga teacher. Overall, I would recommend taking a yoga course with Swamiji to anyone looking for a genuine yoga experience that will stay with them for the rest of their life . Swamiji is really the “ reincarnation of Lord Shiva” I really mean it……………..


Robert vaidya (Brazil) – I met Swami Siddhar Ji in USA in 2009 when I took my Atharva Vedic Classes .His teachings go beyond the schedule, he is a natural teacher, he can find the best analogies and perfect examples to make us understand the hardest subjects. Swamiji is the kind of Master you can learn by different ways. Sometimes his eyes tell you everything you need to know. I had the honor of being his Staff for a few months and that experience changed my life deeply, hard to explain in words. My admiration, respect and love for Swamiji will last forever in my heart. God bless you Sriguru Swami Siddhar Maharaji!!

Janet Lumber (Czech Republic) – I participated in the meditation lass in 2011 February, beautiful enlightening experience. Sometimes is better to say less than too much. Therefore: I had many questions in my head during the training. So I used to go for and advice to Swamiji. However before I was even able to ask the question, I already got an answer, I don’t know how, but he always started the conversation and suddenly everything was crystal clear. Thank you blessed swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar . Great Swamiji and most caring Swamiji I have come acrossed n my life. I am sending love and compassion to all yogis around the globe Namaste. -


Crish Lundy(UK) - I was lucky enough to experience in he Akasthiya Yoga classes from  Swamiji in March 2011. Such an inspiration! Swamiji ‘walks the walk’, he is the true embodiment of the teachings. He answered my questions with humility, clarity and wisdom and not forgetting his smile! Very loveable Swamiji. All my friends will do anything for his simple Smile. Yiou need o meet with Swamiji personally to understand his love and , you guys will feel that you do not need anything except “ just to be with my Swamiji Selvam Siddhar’


Alisha Frances (Italy/UK) - I took the meditation class with swamiji Selvam Siddhar Ji in Atlanta GA, in February 2011. It was a fantastic, enriching experience. Swami Siddhar  is a beautiful man, he is able to teach very complicated concepts in a simple and deep way. I felt vitalized by his lectures, full of knowledge and energies. he has also a great sense of humor. I miss the days of the ashram. We were a great group of people and it was a deep and meaningful experience. Very powerful siddhar Swamiji om namah sivaya.In this 21 st century I have never came across any Swamiji with this spiritual power, knowledge …………..he is really superb!!!!!!!!!!

Ebany Johnson (UK) - Having spent time as both student and staff with Swami Siddhar Ji, I feel truly blessed to have had these great experiences. I first met Swamiji during my Teachers Training Course in 2011 when he gave me my mantra initiation, I was then very fortunate a few years later to take my ATTC with him. Swamiji has amazing energy and presence. His teachings come from the heart and his knowledge goes far beyond the textbooks. I truly recommend him to all wherever you are on your own yoga/sadhana path. Swami Siddhar Ji is truly wonderful. I love my swamiji like anything. I will give my whole life to my Swamiji. He is my living God.


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