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Many women are unable to become great wives or lovers because they cannot understand the difference between Sex and Love. Women who are not able to receive love think that giving herself freely in sex can bring her love. This is because she never received love from her father as a child, and so does not know how to receive it from her male partner
As a result of this lack of love in her childhood from her father she begins to assimilate love as a condition of sexual acts by watching movies that portray such a conclusion, as all movies starts with a kiss and rapidly move to a sex scene. This kind of woman will never be able to stay married to a man for long and will seek drugs or alcohol as a stimulant to in their life leading to short relationships and many men in their lives.
When a father hugs his daughter with great love an understanding then so also will the daughter know how to receive and give love to her future husband? This lack of love is a number one spiritual genetics that will make or break our society when it comes to stability in family structure.
The following list indicates the negative effect of spiritual genetics that our women can inherit that can contribute to the detriment of our society…The following are women who will have difficulty maintaining a marriage life with a husband.
Women who thinks that they should use their beauty to attract men in their life
Women who have been abused sexually by a family member at a young age before 14 years old
Women who have not been hugged by their fathers when they were young
Women who do not have a loving relationship with their father and brothers
Women who cannot maintain a great relationship with their mothers and all elder females in the family
Women who have had their first baby aborted in their first pregnancy
Women who do not like to be touched by males and are usually commanding like men
Women who have ran away from home at an early age
Women who will provide sexual favors for men very quickly for money
Women who will provide sexual favors for money.
Women who will insist on paying for her meal on a date
The following are the types of women who will make great wives…
1.    Women who will bring a guy a gift on a date
2.    Women who are very feminine in nature…ie not abrupt and too outspoken
3.    Women who are great cooks as that will keep the man in love with her always
4.    Women who will be conservative in their shopping but not mean to point of not dressing
5.    Women who are concerned about their beauty and looks as they will maintain attraction to the male
6.    Women who are not drinking alcohol or addicted to drugs  or shopping
7.    Women who are ready to help the man when he troubled or sick
8.    Women who put the man on a pedestal and defend him when he is not there to be criticized
9.    Women who know how to sew, cook and keep a clean home are known as Great wives
10.  A great wife thinks about her husband constantly and performs all her duties that will benefit her husband, her children and herself while she maintains a strong family structure. Vice versa the man must do the same when he works to take care of the family.
The main cause of all distress to the women is their relationship to their father. The way the father treats the daughter will create in that female the perceptions she has of all males. This is why when females are raised by single mothers THEY also will have difficulty with their husbands as they look for fatherly love in their relationships. Usually if there is a lack of fatherly love the female will think Sex is love and will sleep will all the men they are attracted to as if seeking some form of approval from the male figure as if they are her father. There are many women like this in the Casinos and Bars who are also strippers and prostitutes who have either been abused by their father or a family member and who have not had a great father figure to look up to. These women seek their peace by drinking and sleeping with different men in their lives. When a woman gets married and the man is hard working, she feels that he is ignoring her when all he is doing is trying to make her comfortable by working hard. Because of the domino effect of her negative feelings, and the arguments for attention from the devoted husband, the children she gives birth to will carry those traits in to their own lives. This is extends into each generation. This is spiritual genetics that we do not need in our society.
I know of a young woman who came to me in Canada. She was constantly in jail after almost every relationship she had, after over 20 men in her life she came to see me. I found out that she was sexually abused consistently by her father when she was 10 to 14 years old. Because of this trauma in her life she was unconsciously fighting back her father’s abuse in every man she met. This was her way of getting back at her father even though it was an unconscious action because her father would bail her out from jail many times.
Recently I was not so surprised when three young sisters who were older now, complained how their three uncles would make them take off their clothes when they were young, while their parents were away and ask them to play with their private parts. This traumatized these young women to the point where they would become cold to their husbands during love making. They were not able to be cured until they came to see me and followed a program that cleansed them of these past experiences.
The question is where we start eliminating these problems of spiritual genetics that has destroyed the very foundation of our society and is continuing to do so on a wide spread scale. If you think Diabetes and Cancer is destroying our society, think again, there is a greater disease that destroying the past, the present and the future, and that is sexual abuse of young children. It is the cause of divorces, homosexuality, and unhappiness in marriage life, miscarriages, abortions, teenage pregnancy, menstrual problems, excessive bleeding, infertility, and sexual frigidity. It is the very cause of disabled children as well as the failure of children to perform well in their school. Before we can cure all the other diseases, we must first cure this great plague called child sexual abuse which stands to destroy our women and the foundation of a good society.  We should not stop after the movie Precious produced by Oprah, or the stories of Law and Order on incest. We should encourage the protection of all young females by educating fathers on how they should treat their young daughters and create incentives for excellent fathers


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