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Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar’s Holy Blessings and Sayings

 1.You are as you are because you want to be so. If you want to be different in life then start changing yourself today.


2.The mind of the Sadhak is like the tree Kalptaru that fulfils all wishes. The thoughts that rise in the mind can be converted into power of the soul. If the mind of the Sadhak is full of fearlessness, hope, confidence and kindness then he gets all boons in life. But if he becomes afraid of adverse circumstances then he loses confidence and destroys his own chances of success.


3.Devotion to God does not mean giving up things. Devotion means the flowering of all one's capabilities. True religion never tells a person to give up worldly duties. Religion asks a person to get rid of mental disturbance, moral wrongs and ignorance.


4.Sadhana means toiling hard from morning till evening. Just chanting of Mantras is not Sadhana.


5.There is no more a happy person than a Sadhak in this world. A common person is ignorant. Ignorance leads to egotism. Egotism generates fear. Fear leads to confusion. Confusion is there because man has many wishes. And most wishes are there because man desires pleasure. It is due to indulgence in pleasures that a person develops traits. It is due to these traits that a person has to take birth again and again and has to suffer sorrows and pain.


6.For becoming fully happy one has to cut the roots of ignorance, egotism and confusion with the help of the means prescribed by the Guru.


7.Prayers and speaking out one's feelings to the Lord is a medium of making the mind pure. It helps get rid of evil thoughts.


8.One should not hide anything from the Guru. One should speak out everything to him. The Sadguru knows everything. Still one should speak out everything because this helps to get rid of the evil thoughts within. One should admit all faults and mistakes before the Lord.


9.You might live anywhere but you are my disciple if you are devoted to service to the Guru and performing Sadhanas.


10.If along with pure feelings for the Guru you are also devoted to Sadhanas then I can change your future.


11.If you wish to attain to knowledge then you shall have to go through the tests of a Guru. When the Guru tests your mettle you shall have to pass with flying colours. You shall have to smile and show full faith in him with your heart, soul and mind.


12.The Guru should not allow you to become another Paad Padam ( a corrupt disciple of Shankaracharya). The Guru should test you again and again. He should be unrelenting no matter how much you plead before him.


13.Shankaracharya made the mistake of giving knowledge to Paad Padam even before the latter had become free of false ego. When the false ego was shattered Paad Padam decided to kill Shankaracharya so that he could declare himself as the Guru. He committed this serious crime because he was not free of ego. It was the fault of Shankaracharya and he had to pay for it with his life.


14.History is replete with such mistakes committed by Gurus. And disciples have always tried to take advantage of these mistakes and have as a result tread on the wrong path. But I will not commit the mistake done by Shankar, Buddha or Mahaveer.


15.The Guru should not allow Paad Padams to be born. A disciple should try to become like Vivekanand through devotion and service.


16.If you are not devoted to the Guru then everything is useless. If you cannot serve the Guru then too it is useless. And if you are devoted or are serving the Guru you are not doing it for the Guru but for your own progress.


17.If you have devotion and you serve the Guru dedicatedly Guru immediately pays off the debt. The Guru does not wish to remain indebted. But it is the Guru's duty not to bestow totality till the disciple is fully egoless. Till then the Guru does not pay the debt.


18.But the moment the disciple becomes egoless the disciple attains to totality and the Guru becomes free of his debt


19. If you want to have a glimpse of the Lord, if you wish to dance with the Lord, if you wish to give a permanent place to Him in your heart then you have to have a soft heart like a woman. A woman means one who thinks with the heart and only by activating the feelings of the heart can one know what true love is.


20. A man always remains divided whether to use his mind or heart, He always remains in a dilemma to do something or not. He always keeps thinking about the consequences of his actions. He always keeps worrying what other people would say. This state of dilemma is the work of the mind. And if a person remains in a dilemma he cannot love.


21.A disciple can get closer to the Guru only by thinking like a woman i.e. with one's heart. By activating the feelings of the heart he can become fully conscious. Then he has only one aim, one thought, one goal in life and this is to make the Guru a part of his heart and soul so that each cell of his body could vibrate with the Guru energy.


22.Establishing of the Guru energy in each cell of one's body is possible only through the medium of true love.


23.If you care to observe carefully you shall find that I am present everywhere and all around you. I vibrate in each particle of nature and am present in the fragrance of the flowers as well. Just look carefully at a flower. Do you not behold me in its beauty ?


24.You might fail to behold the beauty in a flower, you might fail to hear the music in the waves of a river but the fault lies not in the flower or in the waves. Nature has done its work. Now it is up to you to discover its wonders.


25.Spiritualism means to become aware of one's internal beauty i.e. the beauty of the soul. A very small portion of the same beauty can be seen in the clouds above or in a flower in full blossom. But within is a source of infinite beauty with which you have never tried to form a link. It is within that you can find all divine powers and wonders.


26.It is my most cherished dream to see my disciples reach the divine land of Siddhrashram and become permanently linked to its divinity, sacredness, piousness and purity. And one they have achieved this I want them to return to the material world and reveal the people here about this great seat of spiritual attainments. I want them to tell the common man that even without renouncing the spiritual world one can rise high spiritually


27.It is very easy to identify a Guru. Guru is one in whose company one feels great peace and joy. One feels as if one is very deeply related to him. One feels very close to him. Without him life seems to be purposeless. He is the true guide in life.

28.A true Guru always remains ready to give much to the disciple. A Guru does not wish for personal fame nor does he want to be worshipped all over the world. His only wish is to make the disciples capable and unique so that they could achieve absolute success in life.


29.A Sadhak should have firm determination that either he shall procure divine help through Sadhanas or he shall perish in the process. Such a challenging spirit, such a determination alone can help one succeed in Sadhanas and only such a person can be called a Sadhak.


30.When a pot filled with water is immersed into an ocean the water in the pot becomes part of the vast expanse. Similarly a disciple through the medium of selfless service to the Guru fuses his soul with that of the Guru. This process of becoming one with the Guru is known as Siddhi or divinity.


31.A true disciple is not afraid of death, the society and challenges of life. He has a fire of determination is his eyes. His hands have the power to even smash boulders and he is fully devoted in the feet of the Guru.


32.A Guru has amazing foresight and he well knows on which path the disciple has to be propelled. And he directs the disciple in a manner so as to push him onto that very path. Hence a disciple should make every effort to follow the directions of the Guru.


33.You have to come to me like an empty vessel, like a blank page so that I could write the secret of total success on it, so that I could write about the way to totality and divinity upon it. Only then can I tell you what is totality of life, what is true joy, what is success and what is the Supreme.


34.Totality in life is possible when a disciple places his head in the holy feet of the Guru and washes them with the tears of devotion. This happens when one is truly devoted, when the heart seems filled with tremendous joy, when one is so overcome with love for the Guru that words fail and if any word does escape from the lips it is Guru.


35.Devotion does not mean joining the palms, or singing hymns. Devotion means following the orders of the Guru without hesitation and doubt.


36.A disciple always feels like rushing to the Guru. Of course due to some problem he might not be able to do so but the longing, the desire is always there to be with the Guru.


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