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Herbs & Beauty

 Herbs & Beauty


The use of the herbs for beauty solutions dates back to antiquity. Various testimonials inform us on the use of herbs in beauty treatments during the ancient period. The women of the ancient world used the grounded leaves and seeds of herbs on their hair, face and over-all body, drank herbal tonics and applied oils obtained from herbs for different body–massages. These treatments were used during that time in countries like Rome, China and Latin America. Indian Ayurveda too has been promoting the use of herbs for skin and beauty for over 5000 years.


Herbs can be used for beauty in original or compound form. They act against the internal impurities and external toxins of our body, add additional nutrients to it, make it glow and shine. Herbs provide natural, flawless treatment to our skin; nourish it from within, leading to its internal lists some of the most popular herbs used in beauty care along with detailed information on their uses:


Turmeric is mainly used to ensure glowing, bright skin. Turmeric face masks are extensively available in beauty parlors for their skin-friendly treatment that prevents bacterial infection. Turmeric pastes cure pigmentation, maintain the pH factor and are constantly applied on the neck, face and over-all body to enhance the complexion and brightness of skin.


Chandan is internally as well as externally applied to our body. Internal treatment is through chandan pills which are orally taken. The external application of chandan is through oil, stick, powder and paste derived from the herb. The aromatic essence of chandan has made it a favorite of the beauty industry. It possesses various soothing qualities that effectively work against skin ailments and allergies. Chandan herbal face pack and scrubs made from chandan powder cleanses our skin thoroughly and brings a healthy glow to it. Chandan is a principal cooling agent and comes to utmost use during the hot days.


This herb is used as a skin cleanser, odor remover, against acne, psoriasis and eczema and to treat common hair problems like dandruff. Neem powder, neem oil and neem pills are the most common forms of neem available in the market. Crushed or grounded neem leaves are mixed with water and drunk for burnished skin. In Ayurveda the bitter neem leaves are used to counter body’s high sugar levels which are cited as a primary cause of various skin diseases. Neem oil is an essentially favored item for hair cleansing and nourishment.


The uses of Rosemary in beauty care can be put under three categories: skin, scalp and hair treatment. This herb provides a refreshing look to our skin by revitalizing and energizing our dead cells. Rosemary oil comes to fullest use in scalp massage which is done to prevent premature hair loss. The shampoos, lotions and other hair care products of Rosemary takes adequate care of our hair nourishment. Other extracts of this herb include perfumes and soaps.


Basically, Chamomile is used in skin remedies, eye treatment and hair care. Face masks, oil, body lotions, creams and stem of Chamomile are used in skin care. Chamomile oil is used to remove acne and other similar skin diseases. This herb is snit-oxidant as well as anti-inflammatory. As a measure against hair malnourishment Chamomile hair care products are frequently preferred above the rest. When a mild concentration of water and chamomile is applied to the eye the tired look quickly vanishes and eyes begin to glow and shine.


Effective against scars and black spots on the body. Basil is greatly helpful for its antiseptic action on the face. Whenever our skin suffers from the lack of healthy nutrients dark spots arise in certain parts of our body. In such a situation a concoction prepared by mixing basil, turmeric powder and rose water comes in good use. It adds to the effect of curing the black marks and making our skin natural and healthy.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is used comprehensively in skin care. It heals skin irritations and scars. The primal effect of this herb comes from its sharp soothing properties. A face mask of this plant is prepared by mixing kelp, honey and Aloe Vera for effective skin treatment. It is used in various forms like shampoos, sunscreens, soaps, gels etc and has been approved by FDA as a non-poisonous herb to treat skin burns .This herb is also used in hair loss.


In skin treatment this herb operates by drawing out impurities and cleaning the skin naturally. The minerals in seaweed also nourish our hair and take care of itchy scalps. For its profuse mineral vitamin sufficiency seaweed is used in different face masks. The gels of seaweed are used in various cosmetics and conditioners Other forms of seaweed application are creams, shampoos, mineral bath and power face wash.


This plant is thoroughly used in maintaining deep rooted, healthy hair. Evening Primrose oil is used in synthesizing skin care products. This herb has a wonderful track record for curing us of the commonly occurred skin diseases. Because of its herbal anti-irritant effects on the skin and anti-inflammatory properties it is highly used in moisturizers and other body care lotions. Evening Primrose is proved to be equally beneficial in nails and hair management.


Though predominantly used in hair nourishment henna is also applied on the skin in various forms. For hair care henna paste (mehendi) is made from the powdery extract of henna plant. It is then mixed with egg white and thoroughly applied for thick, shiny hair. In combination with coffee powder, amla powder and onion peels henna makes a perfect hair conditioner. Henna is also used to color the body, primarily hands and feet and for making temporary tattoos on the skin.



Cooking with Herbs


Can you imagine spaghetti without basil? Turkey without sage dressing, a burger without tomatoes and cabbage dressing, pickles without fruits and vegetables, mint…nothing is as fresh, tea without tea powder. There are countless spices which are actually herbs and have medicinal effects on our body i.e. basil, ginger, garlic (which is said to cure 59 diseases), tea leaf, cardamom, coriander seeds, chili, chives, cloves, lemon grass, mustard seeds, parsley, tarragon, pepper, mushroom plant, cucumber the list is never ending. All the spices we have been using for adding taste and flavor to our dishes are herbs which have medicinal values.

There is no reference given in the history of human civilization about the date and time since when people started using herbs for cooking. Herbs were included in our daily cooking and it formed unintentional food habit influenced by geographical locations and culture of the community. Use of herbs in cooking is as ancient as the concept of cooking, because herbs were never used in cooking for their food value but primarily for adding taste and aroma to the broth. We do need plant seeds, leaves, flower and fruit to spice up our eatables. Actually cooking is not possible without the use of herbs; we use herbs in the form of spices but do not identify them as herbs.

There is more than one reason behind the use of spices in cooking, human started using herbs as spices for seasoning his food, to conceal the foul odor and taste of less fresh food, aid to digestion, adding taste and as appetite stimulator. Slowly cooking became an art and an institute and even a means of earning money. Different styles of cooking flourished depending on culture and locality. Today modern science and ancient natural cure is going hand in hand for healing human lives. As a result, a conscious effort has been made to include Nature into daily human lives. Although the fast food and package food culture have already overpowered the human race, which, to a great extent, are responsible for obesity, heart disease, lethargy, loss of energy and unknown diseases, conscious men are finding ways to lead a healthy life therefore they are accepting the natural way of living.

The culture of cooking with herbs is prevalent in Asian countries, mainly China, India, Japan etc, recently France and Germany and many other European countries have taken interest in herbal cooking for healthy benefits. Today, using dry and fresh herbs in cooking is considered a new and healthy style of eating. Herbal cooking allows you to cut down your calories, salt, sugar, and fat without compromising with flavor of the food, and provides antioxidants which help in fighting diseases like cancer, heart attacks, skin and eye diseases, protects kidney and liver, purifies blood, strengthens nerves and controls the bile in the human body which is very important for physical and mental well-being.

Cooking with herbs can instantly make an ordinary meal to an extraordinary treat! Food cooked with herbs is fine-looking, wholesome and yummy. Try it to believe it!



Herbs for Health

Herbs that contain elements capable of providing protection against various ailments belong to the herbs for health category. These herbs when taken as a part of our daily diet help to safeguard our body against different kinds of diseases.

In herbal cure the body adequately uses its inner healing powers which are triggered on once favorable conditions are created. The intake of health herbs helps to neutralize the effect of harmful substances that restrict the proper functioning of our body and thereby help us to stay healthy and fit throughout the year.

Our nutritional deficiencies are also taken care of by herbs in the form of herbal dietary supplements. Echinacea, Garlic and Aloe Vera are the herbs which are frequently used in herbal supplements. Herbal dietary supplements are considerably valuable to our system for supplying nutrients to the body in ample amount, ascertaining the welfare of our immune system and enhancing memory. presents a detailed list of some extensively used herbs along with their respective health benefits in our daily life:


There are three kinds of Myrobalans, viz. Chebulic Myrobalan, Belliric Myrobalan and Emblic Myrobalan. Chebulic Myrobalan takes care of our health through its Astringent, Purgative, Stomachic and Laxative actions. Further on the intake of this herb, our intestines are freed of worms and our lungs are well protected. It also removes all the available toxins, parasites adequately from our body and cleanses it internally.


Garlic is also known as a natural antibiotic. This herb is considerably useful for a healthy life as it provides protection to the body against micro-organisms like bacteria and helps us in maintaining a healthy cholesterol level. To prevent cold, a little amount of garlic is sufficient when taken twice a week in/with dinner. It also increases the flow of blood in the whole body and thereby protects the body against heart failures; for this reason alone it is a naturally produced suitable caretaker of our health.

Indian Gooseberry:

Gooseberry significantly contributes to our healthcare by acting as an intestine cleanser and blood sugar regulator. Through regular use of this herb our age factor can be properly controlled and also the body can be suitably immunized. This herb relaxes our muscles, helps us in fighting off stress and is also effective in improving sleep. One tablespoon of powdered myrobalan taken daily with 2 sips of water as a last thing before going to bed would transform the glow of your face besides preventing you from “N” number of diseases.

White Musale:

White Musale is a natural and safe aphrodisiac agent. By virtue of being a herb, White Musale (Safed Musli) is an ideal herbal alternative to chemical-based Viagra, a widely used male sex tonic. Besides being an alternative to Viagra this herb is also utilized as a curative for pre-natal and post natal problems, as a restorative for immunity-improvement and as a remedy for diabetes and arthritis. It also helps in increasing breast milk in mothers and cows and takes care of our over-all health as an effective vitaliser.


Mostly used as a digestive enhancer, the intake of Mint leaves provides a cooling sensation to our body. Mint aids in digestion by releasing gas from the digestive system and is also a highly utilized expectorant.


Basil is a perfect regulator of our blood sugar level as well as a stress remover. It is extensively used in health care for its perspiration inducing and stimulating properties and also for being an expectorant. People who consume Basil regularly are prevented against all types of stomach ailments, heart problems, cancer, viral fever and malaria. Method of Consumption; Take four fresh basil leaves, four black pepper seeds; crush and grind them nicely and make a small tablet. Swallow it with a glass of water everyday in the morning, can be consumed throughout the year.


To start off with, our stomach can be properly relieved of any trouble through ginger. It is a worthy natural remedy against inflammation, helps adequately to control vomiting and also increases appetite. Ginger can be effectively used in our day to day meal preparations.


By properly utilizing the medicinal properties of onion blood clotting can be prevented. It also controls blood sugar levels, prevents bodily infection and also works against appetite loss. Further to add to its healing effects onion possesses certain expectorant, wound healing and diuretic properties for which it has become an indelible part of our daily life. In summer season raw onions should be consumed with our meals as it provides prevention against heatstroke. Also provides protection against Viral Fever.


Turmeric purifies our blood and also benefits liver, stomach and the joints through its soothing effects on the body. The daily in take of raw turmeric in the morning with a little amount of salt can make our body completely worm free. It also aids in proper food digestion and works perfectly against inflammation. It also acts as an antiseptic when applied on cuts and wounds. Incase of internal injuries a pinch of Turmeric when taken with a glass of boiled milk proves to be very effective and fastens the healing process of our body.


As a superb blood purifier neem detoxifies our body. Any kind of bodily inflammation can be cured through the proper utilization of neem. Along with blood purifying properties this herb also contains certain anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. If raw neem leaves are consumed regularly for a month in summer season then you will be shielded against fever throughout the year. The procedure for taking these leaves is; seven freshly grounded soft neem leaves, seven grounded black pepper seeds, 3-4 tablespoons of water along with a pinch of salt. This mixture is to be taken everyday, in the morning, empty stomach.


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