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What is Tarot reading?

 A pack of tarot cards consisting of 22 major Arcana cards & 56 Minor Arcana cards is a sensitive & divine tool, the moment it comes into the Reader’s hands ,the immortal figures symbolizing the deep meaning of every facet of life, come into existence, to unfold not only the vast mysteries of life but also sets a guideline on how to meet the challanges of day to day life, to know your psyche & to make you a better person everyday. 

Tarot is a mirror that reflects back to you the hidden aspect of your own unique awareness Reading the Tarot is an art, not a science. because there are no set rules or formulae like science to describe the hidden secrets of the cards but they bring form and focus to intuitive responses. here, the vibrations play a important role. Your focus your energy & your telepathy with the cards is essential to get the right answer from this divine pack.

Some people get confused why there are two sets (Major & Minor arcana) in the deck & what is the term Arcana? The word arcana means ‘profound secret’ . Each & every card of the deck holds some secret into it, and conveys message through the richness of its images, symbols & figures.

A Major Arcana card represents an energy that is deep, strong, decisive or long term. When a Major arcana card appears in the reading, means you have tapped into powerful energy in some areas of your life. The Minor arcana cards do not carry the same weight, but are still important. They chart the ups & downs of daily life & register changes in feelings & thoughts. So the term Major & Minor reflect the relative weights of these two groups.

Tarot deck was created for trick taking games and later used for divinatory, esoteric & occult purposes. Today the deck touches the hearts and emotions of millions of people all over the world. In the past few years interest in Tarot has grown tremendously. More & more people are Seeking ways to blend inner & outer realities so they can live their lives more creatively. They have discovered in the Tarot a powerful tool for personal growth, for inner as well as spiritual exploration. We can say this wonderful, magical, divine pack can play different roles at one time-

T- Teacher, who dispels the ignorance, and bring a spark of light in your life.

A- An astrologer who predicts the forthcoming events in your life.

R- Reader of your psyche who goes deep into the subconscious mind & reveal who you are?

o- An occultist who with his occult powers has the potential to transform your life & achieve the desired goals.

T- Talisman who brings good luck.



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