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Peepal tree worship

 Imagine what the world would be without the trees? Trees have always been considered sacred in all the religions. In the Upnishads and Vedas there are instances of people worshipping trees. Even the God and goddesses have high regards for the trees. Among all the trees the PEEPAL tree holds a very important place and even today is worshipped throughout the country. In ancient times trees were the only means to fulfil all the entire needs of humans. But in today’s materialistic world, when people want to have all the comforts and have made the concrete houses for themselves with all the facilities attached, the trees are loosing respect and honour. One should not forget the role of trees in the life. We can not abandon nature, the trees, the vegetation, and the flora and fauna because we require them for our sustenance, they are our saviour.

Importance of Peepal Tree and its Medicinal benefits

In this article we will throw light how Peepal tree is so important to us and about its Medicinal properties. The four trees –Peepal, Gooler, Banyan, and Pakad are called to be the storehouse of Sun’s rays. The wood of these trees is considered very auspicious for Havans in Indian scriptures. Peepal tree has been given the prime importance among all these trees and worshipped even today. The reason is right from the root to its leaves; the tree contains the medicinal values and cures many diseases. That was the reason our ancient sages recognized the importance of this tree and declared- “Peepal tree is the abode of Gods and Goddesses” the tree should never be harmed as our Trinity –Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh make their home on this sacred tree. In Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishana called Peepal tree his own image- “Ashvathah Sarvvrikshanam”.

The medicinal values of Peepal tree-

1- If the leaves of the tree boiled with oil for some time and applied on the wound , the wound heals very fast.
2- The bark of Peepal tree is used for boils and acne.
3- The most important value of this wonderful tree is that , a person dying with snake bite can be cured and can get life.
4- In the villages, the villagers get all the information about the snake, its size, its species, place and reason of biting with the
wood of this tree. They call it ‘Peepal Jadi.
5- Peepal Jadi works wonderfully in the situation when a person is bitten by the snake and poison spreads all over his body, no medicine works and the person is about to die. In this condition without telling anyone(Secrecy should be maintained) take two twigs of peepal tree (of 4 fingers length) peel them with a knife and put these twigs near the ears of the
patient of both sides, keep holding them tightly, because the poison in patient’s body pulls the Jadi and Jadi Pulls the poison. If the hold is not tight the Jadi may go inside the skin or in the ear of the patient and with the mere touch of Jadi the patient will start crying. When all the poison is sucked by the Jadi it stops working. Peepal Jadi can be kept for long by drying it up in the sun light and can be used in the time of need.

Anything which is endowed with good qualities is respected. Take for example - a tulsi plant . This small
plant is not only the storehouse of so many medicinal properties but is capable to cast away the negative energy also. That is the reason every house grows a Tulsi plant and worship it with devotion everyday. Peepal is a big tree and can’t be grown in the house but this is sure that the roots, wood ,branches ,twigs, green leaves, dry leaves, every part of the tree is useful and helps to cure one or the other diseases.

How Peepal tree works for different kinds of diseases?

Jaundice- Cut the soft twigs of Peepal tree into thin shapes like a pencil and make a garland. Give this garland to wear to the jaundice patient. Within a week the jaundice cures completely.

Night blindness or Ratondhi- Many people can not see in the night. Their vision starts blurring as the dusk takes over. But wait- Peepal can cure night blindness. Just take a twig of of peepal tree and with cow urine make a paste by rubbing it on the stone. Apply this paste 2 to 4 days in the eyes, the patient will feel relief. The fever caused by Malaria is also cured by chewing the wood of the tree regularly.

Ear pain and deafness- Squeeze some fresh green leaves of Peepal tree, take out the juice and put it in the aching ear. The patient will get the instant relief. If applied regularly the deafness is also cured.

Cough and asthma-Churn the dry leaves of Peepal tree. Sieve the powder into a thin cloth. Consume 5gm of this powder with honey every morning empty stomach. You will find the complete cure of cough and asthma.

Infertility and impotency- Even the fruit of this tree has wonderful property to cure infertility in ladies and impotency in men. The fruits should be dried up in the sun. Make powder by churning the dried fruits and sieve. Consume 5gm of this powder with 250 gm of milk everyday.

Irregular menstrual cycle- The ladies who are suffering with menstrual disorder and other related diseases must consume this powder with
milk after the delivery.

Cold and headache- By chewing the fresh green leaves of Peepal tree the patient feels instant relief in headache and if taken 3 to 4 days regularly cold is also completely cured.


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