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Small Things Big Impact - Vastu Shastra


Generally, we never give a serious thought to our deeds which we do as a routine work in our life. We always think that small matters are of no significance in our life, but it is not so. If one sees it in broader aspect, these small things only are the root cause for bigger matters. We can not ignore the significance of a single moment as it is this single moment, when combines with other moment, changes into days, months, years and then into our whole life. If we take care of every single moment and adore it, our entire life will be adorned. If we spoil it, our entire life will be spoiled. Vaastu Shastra is such a science which gives special significance to these small things. Most of the things are being told by our ancestors, but we are forgetting their teachings because of the fast pace of life. Vaastu Shastra has an elaborate motto to bring progress in each and every aspect of our life and works as an humanitarian. If we think seriously, these small things can bring Positive changes into our lives.

These are some simple tips:-


1. Leaking of water from the tap create problem in our financial prosperity. It is said that leaking water from the tap does not allow financial growth. That is why, the moment, a tap is out of order, get it repair immediately.

2. One should not put too many
nails on the walls of house or in the office, for hanging of wall clock, picture or a calendar, if required then only nails should be used. Extra or unnecessary nails should not be put. Vaastu considers it inauspicious. That is the reason, in ancient times people used wooden nails instead of iron nails.

3. One should never allow cobwebs to grow in his house. As cobwebs create inactiveness, laziness and carelessness in the
family members. Insects entangled in these cobwebs or hanging spiders inside the house or building create negative energy and bring ill luck. That is why to avoid this inauspiciousness, one should clean cobwebs at regular interval.

4. Sweep the floor of the house in every room everyday. It should also be remembered that after cleaning up house or office. Broom should be kept in such a way that its pointed part of the sticks should be down , otherwise it increase fights in the house. Broom should be kept in lying position in South or West direction of the building.

5. Any broken or cracked mirror in either windows or in furniture inside the house is strictly prohibited as it creates so many problems for the family members and same way, glancing mirror should also not be cracked.

6. We use many items in our daily routine, some of these items have pictures of Goddess – like wrappers, calendars, pictures, and many other things. Once they are broken or fragmented, we should not use them. Better remove these broken items from that place and keep them under Peepal tree. If possible put new pictures and things. It should always be remembered, any broken thing or fragmented item behave in hostile manner & cast negative influence and, the native of that place may face problems indirect ways.


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