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Your Signature & your Personality

 There are many prevalent methods of knowing about human behavior like horoscope, palm lines, facial gestures & mole on the face, demeanor, way of writing and way of signing etc. The manner in which people sign and the on the basis of this manner what would be the personality and behavior of the person can be known by following ways:


1. Putting a line under the signature

Such persons are full of confidence in themselves, have a good personality and are a bit selfish but still they believe in the happiness of human life.

2. Putting two dots below the signature

Such persons are romantic in nature and can adapt easily or change themselves accordingly. Such persons give prominence to the beauty of other persons and they try to look beautiful in appearance. They attract others very easily towards themselves.

3. Putting one dot below the signature

Such persons are inclined towards classical arts and their nature is simple and quiet. If any body breaks their faith or else do not have faith in them then such persons would never look back towards you. Therefore, it is better to remain vigilant with such persons.

4. No line or dot below the signature

Such persons live their life as per their own terms and are happy in doing so and they do not pay heed towards the thinking of others. Such persons are of good nature but are selfish also.

5. No similarity between name and signature

Such persons try to be very smart and hide facts in all possible ways and means. They never say anything in a simple and straight way. They never pay any attention towards any thing that others say.

6. Similarity between name and signature

Such persons are intelligent but never utilize their intelligence for thinking. Such persons bring about a change in their thinking and thoughts in the same manner like wind brings in change in its flow according to its direction. They never think whether an explicit thing is right or wrong. Anyone can win them over through flattery.

7. Signature like printed words

Such persons are very kind towards others, have a very good heart, are a bit selfish and are ready to sacrifice their lives to save the life of their loved ones but such persons are found to be thinking too much and their temper flares up very fast.

8. Signing full name

Such persons are very kind, adjust in any kind of situation & environment and talk to all kinds of people. Such persons are very strong in respect of their thoughts and have a very strong willpower.


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