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Your Astrology - Made Simple

 Aries Horoscope:


Hindi Name: Mesha; Date of Birth: March 21st to April 20th:Rulling Planet: Mars (Mangal):Nakshatras: Ashwini & Bharni:Lord of Nakshatras: Mars & Ketu
Lucky Numbers: 3, 5, 12:Lucky Days: Tuesday, Thursday: Lucky Colors: Red, Yellow
Lucky Stones: Coral and Yellow Sapphire


Small General reading:



17 July 2011 (1:07:19 am) – 17 September 2011 (9:20:10 am)
This is a favorable time to boost your social status, as proposals will knock the door for eligible brides and grooms. Your partner may develop some issues that might lead to relocation, shift or migration. This might set up a chain or reactions from near and dear ones. Act wisely. I suggest you do all your dealings with a sense of cool composure and a feel good factor.

17 September 2011 (9:20:10 am) – 05 October 2011 (6:03:33 pm)
Not a great time for emotional decisions, dear Aries, as any decision you make during this period would be difficult to carry. You may experience a dip in your mood and aspirations but take it in your stride and make the most of it. Family domain will continue to puzzle you. Community and partnership work will progress smoothly and you will be at your personal peak.

05 October 2011 (6:03:33 pm) – 14 November 2011 (10:28:47 pm)
This is a testing time for you. An emotional wilderness would linger on. Mother’s health may consume your energy and money. Your thoughts may be eclipsed with emotions and you may develop a new area of discomfort. Scarce resources would devoid you of luxuries. Scarce inflow of money would make life difficult for you.

14 November 2011 (10:28:47 pm) – 28 December 2011 (7:01:50 pm)
Boost your bonds and ties as relationships bring in pleasure and favors during this time. Those seeking governmental jobs will do well. Employees will face a favorable phase. New ideas and thoughts will take shape. Share your responsibilities at home or work front. Self-orientation is the key to your success this season. Check your taxation plans and investments in advance as there are chances of heavy expenditure catching you off guard later this year. All efforts you have made in the past one year will lead to gratifying results.

Taurus Horoscope


Hindi Name: Vrishabh: Date of Birth: 21st April to 21st May:Ruling Planet: Shukra
Nakshatras: Kritika:Lucky Numbers: 2,7,9,6:Lucky Days: Friday, Tuesday
Lucky Colors: Creamy White, Green:Lucky Stones: Diamond, Gomeda


17 July 2011 (1:07:19 am) to 17 September 2011 (9:20:10 am)
People related to research jobs should do fairly well for themselves and all your future plans and matters of the heart will be realized. Routine heath checkups are prescribed, even for the most robust individuals. Job seekers might have to put in extra efforts to succeed. This is a good time for family bonding. Veteran couples will be disturbed with their partner’s approach, and expect support from all quarters. In-laws will predominantly figure in the scheme of things and could make an interesting equation for you to address.

17 September 2011 (9:20:10 am) to 5 October 2011 (6:03:33 pm)
Government involvement will be slow but steady changes in infrastructure will benefit the citizens. This is the good time to buy a property. Real estate business will face a setback and support from the government will take the back seat. Focus on stronger relationships and be open and direct in your dealings. You may take up renovation of house or office space.

5 October 2011 (6:03:33 pm) to 4 November 2011 (10:28:47 pm)
Traveling opportunities will come up and delight you. Younger siblings will do well in studies or at job. Expect mood variations and swings around this part of the year. You might encounter depressing episodes that might be mentally disturbing. This is likely to be a mixed period for you with both pleasures and concerns about your partner keeping you anxious. You might get a sudden opportunity to travel abroad.

5 November 2011(8:02:33 pm) to 31 December 2011(12:02:47 pm)
Jupiter’s placement in the eleventh house of profits will lead to stability in business and other undertakings. Travel plans will resurface with overseas business connections. You are likely to benefit from your foreign contacts. Sudden financial crisis may surface. Your partner will be your source of disturbance. Keep a control over your mood swings and temper as it likely to get worse during November and early December. Rahu and Ketu in the axis alignment might cause mental turbulence. You will be at your critical best. It is the best time to put your thoughts into action as words speak larger than actions now.

Gemini Horoscope


Hindi Name: Mithun: Date of Birth: 22nd May to 21st June:Ruling Planet: Buddha
Nakshatras: Mrigshira, Aadra, Punarvasu: Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 5, 6:Lucky Days: Wednesday, Friday: Lucky Colors: Green, White, Yellow:Lucky Stones: Emerald, Onyx, Sapphire


17 July 2011 (2:00 am) to 17 September 2011 (9:30 am)
Familial demands will arrest your mind. This is the time to spend money on the benefit of your children and their education. The chances of your children settling abroad are high. Good sleep and romantic life is indicated during this phase. Parents will enjoy and admire the patronage and bravery of their children. You will also enjoy giving back to the society.

17 September 2011 (9:30 am) to 05 October 2011 (6:30 am)
A great month ahead as money matters settle down and chances for short distance travel crops up. You are likely to be restless and erratic during this time. A favorable period to work out government deals, as authorities are likely appeal in your favor. Service industry is likely to face a boom during this time due to supportive planetary influences. Beware of thefts, especially if you are carrying gadgets. IT related jobs may take a back seat and gift items will be misplaced or it will reach wrong person.

05 October 2011 (6:30 am) to 31December 2011 (12:00 am)
This is the time to act with deliberation and wisdom, as heavy undulations are predicted on the cards with regard to your job, study and travel plans. You will have an upper hand over your enemies and will make use of every situation to your advantage. Politicians are likely to lose their power and goodwill during this time due to lack of public support. You will have more guests at your house than usual. Unfortunately, this isn’t really a favorable time for you. You will have little control over situations and will be reduced to a helpless spectator. You may lose interest in your job.

Cancer Horoscope


Hindi Name: Kark: Date of Birth: 22nd June to 22nd July: Ruling Planet: Chandrama (Moon):Nakshatras: Pushya, Ashlesha:Lucky Numbers: 1, 2, 4:Lucky Days: Monday, Saturday: Lucky Colors: Orange, Red: Lucky Stones: Moon Stone, Pearl

1 July 2011 (06:00 am) to 30 September 2011 (10:00 pm)
You may secure new loans against business or property and repayment options might tickle your mind. Your subordinates or your staff will trouble you. Your outspoken nature will pit others against you and the chances of being misunderstood are high. At this time, turning your thoughts to more philosophical ideas should help you emerge stronger from this crisis. You will pass on some of your extra responsibilities to the concerned people. Any long pending issues will be resolved that will bring comfort to you.

1 October 2011 to 31 October 2011
Confrontations and complications in relationships, especially for people who are less emotive, are indicated. You will get a good break in your profession. New friends and contacts will come naturally. You will benefit with property matters and make money out of hard work. Don’t back out of a project midway as it might boomerang against you. Be calm and take a carefully assessed path. Construction of house or purchasing of property is also indicated. This is also a good time to make future plans. New opportunities will come along. Wedding of a younger member is also on the cards. Glamour and fashion related issues are high on priority and those involved professionally will do well.

01 November 2011 to 31 December 2011
For some Cancerians, this is going to be a time marked with opportune changes. Job seekers will get new jobs while those already employed will get a boost in their position. This is a favorable time to bond and spend some fun time with you family. It is also a favorable time to cash on your good fortune and make some money. Good support from higher authority or from the government is indicated. Good crops will keep farmers and traders busy. Share market will do well for you. Small companies will reap rich rewards. Remarkable improvement in the computer technology is also indicated.

Leo Horoscope


Hindi Name: Simha: Date of Birth: 23rd July to 23rd August: Ruling Planet: Surya (SUN): Nakshatras: Magha, Poorva Phalguni: Lucky Numbers: 3, 9, 1, 2
Lucky Days: Sunday, Wednesday: Lucky Colors: Red, Yellow, Orange
Lucky Stones: Ruby, Diamond

17 July 2011 (01:07:19 am) to 17 September 2011 (09:20:10 am)
Ambitious plans will fructify and spiritual instincts will get a boost. You are likely to be careless and frivolous during this time that can mar your efficacy. The younger member in the family will start earning.

Those who are eligible for the marriage will marry this year. This is an encouraging time for the professionals. Newer avenues will open up. Earning and financial condition will notch up. Good monsoon and rain will keep farmers and businesspersons happy. Nativity issues will bog the mind of immigrant Leos.

17 September 2011 (09:20:10 am) to 05 October 2011 (06:03:33 pm)
Your thoughts for the future will encompass your thinking and you will be in a mood for introspection. Government decision will disfavor you and will provoke some disputes in your business and work. However, this is a favorable time for management and organization. New policies will look attractive but will lack money.

05 October 2011 (06:03:33 pm) to 04 November 2011 (10:28:47 pm)
Trust your instincts to bail you out of confusion and dilemma. Sleep patterns will be disturbed. Your ability to create something new and innovative will attract investors from all quarters. Expenses will be out of control. You are likely to be moody now. Overseas settlements or investments are on the cards are predicted.

04 November 2011 (10:28:47 pm) 2011 to 31 December 2011
Orientation of your reforms and performing skill sets will have to be scuffled. The loss and expenses occurred in the last period will have to be balanced here. New opportunity will open avenues for improvement. New and pragmatic approach will help you clear the thin air of doubt around you. Agriculturists will make good progress. Food grains, edible items will be under control. Oil prices may rise. Constructive elements will take ordinary Leos into regal positions and make them happy with earnings and attitudes.

Virgo Horoscope


Hindi Name: Kanya: Date of Birth: 24th August to 23rd September:Ruling Planet: Buddha: Nakshatras: Uttra Phalguni, Hast:Lucky Numbers: 1, 4, 8
Lucky Days: Wednesday, Tuesday: Lucky Colors: Yellow, Green, Magenta
Lucky Stones: Diamond, Emerald, Pearl

17 July 2011 (1:07:19 am) to 17 September 2011 (9:20:10 am)
Intellectuals come up with their high-end thoughts and research materials. Consider this to be the recovery period in education, job and other performances. Distant travel, settling abroad, or higher studies come simultaneously to you. The backlog in the education sphere is compensated here. Planning higher studies in professional fields are on cards while empathy for elders should be maintained. A pilgrimage, visiting holy places or holy people is in the offing. Father’s position will improve and signaling a happy environment on domestic front.

17 September 2011 (9:20:10 am) to 5 October 2011 (6:03:33 pm)
Anything that you take up and all your undertakings will truly be inspiring for others. People around you will stay motivated. Try to sustain meeting right people and making timely career moves when required. Take heed of your income, not to forget taxation and other dues. Heavy expenses are in the pipeline. Huge gaps are likely to develop between earning and spending. Some governmental decisions may not go down well with you as it creates weakness in your finances. Be extra cautious in share market investments as recovery is pretty tough.

5 October 2011 (6:03:33 pm) to 4 November 2011 (10:28:47 pm)
You will be misunderstood easily as you seek quality over quantity; however, friends come to your rescue. You need to be stable in relationships, especially new contacts; stay cautious and discreet. This period will develop bigger opportunities to make good money and power. Public life develops finally as it drags towards political flavor. A lot of travel will keep you away from home. Businesspeople will be in limelight and develop lot of contacts. Earnings from them are in-store. People who are in accounting, brokerage law, or medicine will do extremely well.

4 November 2011 (10:28:47 pm) to 31 December 2011 (00:00:00 am)
Being methodical has helped you last the turbulence in the initial patch this year. Sensitivity and precision are characteristic of you; try to protect it from people who disrupt your inner perspectives. Do not take things personally at public domain as they lack warmth and will only cause pain to you. Preserve health carefully, there could be minor arthritic problems in your lower limbs. Avoid new ventures and outings to keep you at normal levels. Unconventional thoughts and approaches appeal you, helping you to be unique.

Libra Horoscope

Hindi Name: Tula: Date of Birth: 24th Sep to 23rd Oct: Ruling Planet: Shukra
Nakshatras: Chitra, Swati, Vishakha: Lucky Numbers: 5,3,6,8:Lucky Days: Friday, Wednesday: Lucky Colors: Brown, Light Blue: Lucky Stones: Diamond, Gomeda, Cats Eye, Firoza

17 July 2011 (1:07:19 am) to 17 September 2011 (9:20:10 am)
Sharp and effective colleagues provide lots of inputs to your much-needed working style. In deed, a good time to improve your personality and charisma! Sequestered activities are demanding but with patience and discretion, you will through them. Emphasize your focus on managing your resources and canalizing them constructively. You will get umpteen opportunities and platforms to showcase your abilities; make the best of them. Till then, deal with the waiting crisis amicably as happiness and success are awaiting you next. Enjoy the festival mood to the maximum during this period. Further, chances of marriage and other roles in the society are in-store for you after a struggle.

Films released during this phase will taste immense success and recognition. New crop of politicians, too, enjoy their roles and responsibilities. People in cinema and media related fields will have enough work to keep themselves occupied. An ideal time for businessmen as trade and business will reach their peaks in all fields. Technology will taste momentous improvements, which is evident from new friendly and affordable sources of entertainment and consumer gadgets.

17 September 2011 (9:20:10 am) to 5 October 2011 (6:03:33 pm)
This is a time when things will turn around sharply for you. A tough time to comprehend coupled with health issues related to bones and kidneys. Hence, do not to miss your regular health checkups and advise from doctors. Donate a part of your income to charity or for the betterment of the downtrodden.

Stay optimistic as you are a fortunate zodiac, it takes nothing much to keep yourself composed and disciplined in your approach. Senior citizens should avoid any kinds of emotional involvement and long journeys. Unrest condition of family members is a concern for you worried people. Nurse them properly and inspire them serenely.

5 October 2011 (6:03:33 pm) to 4 November 2011 (10:28:47 pm)
Long-awaited legal issues or promotion call will surprise you amidst lots of blackouts in work and competition. Family is primary to you and hence, you would go to any extent to protect them and make them happy. This is a good time for change or relocation on job front. New commitments can be taken up later on. Travel is in your schedule; thus, be prepared for it. Considering work arena, meeting new people is a common trend. New thoughts will come and support your work.

4 November 2011 (10:28:47 pm) to 31 December 2011 (00:00:00 am)
Strong and elated is what you feel as the destiny planets are well placed, but is a mixed patch of luck. Supporting people when it is most needed will do a world of good. Communications could suffer for the next couple of months with this particular planetary arrangement. This time, you get a new position in life. Business partners will come from different parts of the country and keep you busy. A good time for alliances and wedlock! Family demands your time and money more. Extreme behavior patterns might puzzle the onlooker. Do not expect good support from government or higher authorities for your favor. Obstacles in completing the work from government are in-store. Waiting dues and tax is also another concern to worry about. Do not be vulnerable; be strong as you are forearmed.

Scorpio Horoscope


Hindi Name: Vrishchik: Date of Birth: 24th October to 22nd November
Ruling Planet: Mangal (MARS):Nakshatras: Anuradha, Jyeshtha
Lucky Numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45:Lucky Days: Tuesday, Sunday
Lucky Colors: Red, Blue, Orange: Lucky Stones: Moonga, Pearl, Sapphire, Gomeda

17 July 2011 (1:07:19 am) to 17 September 2011 (9:20:10 am)
Your creativity is challenged for a new process that comes your way. You meet good and hardworking allies who will come to your rescue. You need to be at your personal best as Jupiter moves into the sixth house of disturbance and causes disorders at an important time. Be careful with plans for marriage or partnerships. Involvements with others, especially with mothers, are indicating celebrations and commitments. There is a probability of traveling for new employees or newly married couples. Young women should stay patient to deal with commitment issues.

17 September 2011 (9:20:10 am) to 5 October 2011 (6:03:33 pm)
Utilize this period to make new contacts and refresh the existing ones as they will highly reflect on your profession. Support from government and others is on cards. Those of you at the core of planning and execution will remain inspired with bright new ideas and converting them into action. Novel governmental decisions will not be supportive to you. Thus, you need to be proactive.

5 October 2011 (6:03:33 pm) to 4 November 2011 (10:28:47 pm)
Right from good backing from the family to close friends, this period is adventurous for you. You are all set to push your normal limitations this month with total encouragement for all-round success. Your craving for action all the time will be met with expansive traveling. Visiting places of worship is on cards with parents or with lineage. Meeting distant relatives and old friends is all predicted. Changes come in your life without your permission for the good. You achieve remarkable success in the field of your choice.

4 November 2011 (10:28:47 pm) to 31 December 2011 (00:00:00 am)
There is a very clear demarcation on your commitments as to what you prioritize and what you do not. Entertainment and socializing will have a reversal of sorts, as you will be in the line of action; it is an encouraging period of good health and personality. At the same time, you may face stiff opposition, either at work or domestically, but you are up for the challenge attributed to the planetary combo not supportive enough as Saturn stabilizes transit.

Sagittarius Horoscope


Hindi Name: Dhanu: Date of Birth: 23rd Nov to 21st Dec:Ruling Planet: Guru (Jupiter):Nakshatras: Moola, Poorva, Ashada:Lucky Numbers: 9, 8, 6
Lucky Days: Saturday, Friday, Tuesday:Lucky Colors: Pale Yellow, Light Brown, Peach: Lucky Stones: Pukhraj, Sunela, Opal

17 July 2011 (01:07:19 am) to 17 September 2011 (09:20:10 am)
Mother will be a source of happiness and will shower you with a lot of goodies. All issues pertaining to legalities will yield profitable results. You will develop new contacts in business and at jobs. Make proper use of your newfound contacts to boost your professional career. Always strive for a grounded path and refrain from falling into any emotional trap. Those who are in a privileged position might take up philanthropic causes and do their bit for the down trodden. It’s the right time for prospective brides and grooms to tie the knot. Much awaited partnership will fructify.

17 September 2011 (09:20:10 am) to 05 October 2011 (06:03:33 pm)
Do not back out of any unhand project or else you might find yourself in legal tangles. Make use of your charm and poise to strengthen your social contacts. Such contacts would benefit your position and help you get your works done with ease. Government policies and decisions are likely to favor you. Transit of Saturn might bring in new employment opportunities.

05 October 2011 (06:03:33 pm) to 04 November 2011 (10:28:47 pm)
Your social standing is likely to get a fillip during this time. Your status will improve and there are indications of inheritance and claims from your paternal side. Your paternal wellbeing would add to your happiness. This is likely to be a disturbing phase for you professionally though. Your mind will be full of uncertainties and unwanted tensions. This would poorly reflect on your performance, especially on the personal level. You might have to look for ways to boost your interpersonal skills. In-laws will play a pivotal role. Take care of mother’s health and don’t forget to take her for regular checkups.

04 November 2011 (10:28:47 pm) to 31 December 2011 (00:00:00 am)
You might find it difficult to expound your views to others. If you are youngest in the family, you will gain from your elder brothers and sisters. Traveling is on the cards and you might have to travel to distance places, either for work or pleasure. Students are likely to quench their thirst for knowledge getting access to international tabloids and so on. Confidence has to be instilled and protected with your analytical skills and abilities. For people staying away from their home towns, this time should bring in opportunities to visit your homes. You are likely to make some significant contribution to the society


Capricorn Horoscope


Hindi Name: Makar: Date Of Birth: 22nd December to 20th January:Ruling Planet: Shani:Nakshatras: Uttra Ashada, Shravana:Lucky Numbers: 9, 8, 6:Lucky Days: Saturday, Friday, Tuesday:Lucky Colors: Black, Brown, Ark Green
Lucky Stones: Neelam, Pukhraj, Pearl, Gomeda

17 July 2011 (01:07:19 am) to 17 September 2011 (09:20:10 am)
Capricorn’s are pragmatic, and have excellent managerial skills. You can use such abilities to help your juniors or your employees gauge sensitive issues of importance. Don’t hide your true feelings when it comes to relationships. Unmarried young men and women will get their life partners. This phase is a good time for all Capricorns as beauty and fragrance will mark the entire period. You will receive good tidings from your relatives and friends, and also play an encouraging new role in your family. You will increasingly interest other people, and so will easily attract them towards you.

17 September 2011 (09:20:10 am) to 05 October 2011 (06:03:33 pm)
This phase will prove to be quite controversial for you. You will face neglect from your superiors, and your colleagues will capitalize on your weaknesses and play spoil sport. So, in this phase you shouldn’t disclose or discuss your plans or your ambition with your co-workers. Remember materialistic pursuits are realized only at a given price. So, finish all your pending works, and as far as possible spend your time in the company of books. Your ideas will garner momentum and take shape at this time.

05 October 2011 (06:03:33 pm) to 04 November 2011 (10:28:47 pm)
You will enjoy the support and love of your subordinates as you are protective of them and they feel secure with you around. Your business will go as usual, and run smoothly. Any partnerships will also be stable. Start any new projects only after you have finished the existing ones. The main cause of your worry and anxiety will be the ego conflicts, with your partners, that can surface during this phase. Tensions may arise in your family, and you need to make your decisions with your head rather than your heart.

04 November 2011 (10:28:47 pm) to 31 December 2011 (00:00:00)
This is a very positive phase for Capricorns. After a tough time finally you can rest with a smile on your face. You can expect reward for all your hard work and labor. You will receive a promotion at your job. There can also be a change in the job profile. Capricorn’s with the military and police department will face a tough time but finally will be appreciated by people. Because of the concern for stability and security that you have shown earlier your life would be commendable


Aquarius Horoscope


Hindi Name: Kumbha: Date Of Birth: 21st Jan to 19th Feb:Ruling Planet: Shani
Nakshatras: Dhanishta, Poorva Bhadrapada, Shatbhisha:Lucky Numbers: 3, 6, 9, 12
Lucky Days: Thursday, Saturday, Tuesday: Lucky Colors: Light Blue, Pink, Mild Yellow: Lucky Stones: Neelam, Topaz, Ruby, Firoza, Emerald

17 July 2011 (01:07:19 am) to 17 September (09:20:10 am) 2011
You will meet a few old acquaintances, and face some repercussions because of your past experiences. Thus, at this time you will be emotionally charged. Improve and follow your intuition, and don’t cry over spilt milk. You will achieve all-round success in your endeavors as your mood will be good, and your powers will on a rise. The elders of your family will happily help you in all undertakings. Many important events will occur, and they will all be in your favor. You will gain in any investments that you have made, and will be blessed with peace and happiness. If you are searching for a soul mate then this is the best time as the influence of Jupiter will make your search productive.

17 September 2011 (09:20:10 am) 2011 to 05 November 2011 (06:03:33 pm)
You will be restless and erratic, and this will dampen any chances of a public participation. Your twin assets will be power and goodwill, which you should use to garner public support. Your critics and enemies will create problems for you, but you can overpower them by remaining patient, and letting time silence them. Your schedule will be hectic and time scarce. At this phase you will achieve recognition, and also increase your contacts. You will travel overseas and this will lead to an increase in your revenues.

05 November 2011 (10:28:47 pm) to 31 December 2011 (00:00:00)
You will encounter various trials and tribulations in this phase. You will have the time to share your mindset with your near and dear ones, and develop a new equation of comfort with your spouse or partner, and your relationship will be more pleasant than what it was before. By the end of the year there will be a great deal of progress in all your activities. This is also an excellent time for your profession. Those who are working in the technology sector can hope to do well.

Pisces Horoscope


Hindi Name: Meen: Date of Birth: 20th Feb to 20th Mar:Ruling Planet: Guru (Jupiter)
Nakshatras: Revati, Uttra Bhadrapad:Lucky Numbers: 3, 5, 12:Lucky Days: Monday, Thursday: Lucky Colors: Yellow, Green, White:Lucky Stones: Moonga, White Sapphire, Cats Eye

17 July 2011 (1:07:19 am) to 17 September 2011 (9:20:10 am)
This is an apt time for you to invest in real estate. Your partner will not take commands from you, thereby leading to possible ego clashes. This is a puzzling period for you to deal with hurdles and tricky obstacles. Avoid inculcating the idea of pursuing others aspirations as yours. Rather have your own set of goals and priorities. This is a good time to receive gift from others. If you have a working mother or earning mother, she will invest in property or purchase a house that will yield good dividends in future. Frequent tours are in store for working people. Gadgets and technology are not as promising and supportive as in the previous periods.

17 September 2011 (9:20:10 am) to 5 October 2011 (6:03:33 pm)
Being outspoken will help you speak your mind and with your tact and charm this time, you make things work for yourself. Although this is a dry patch for students and working class, you should not lose site of your goals and ambitions. Superiors and bureaucrats will have to go that extra mile as it is a testing time. Social standings will be tampered if not responsible enough. Avoid being overtly critical and manage your anger with care. Health should be given utmost care. Follow normal checkups and advice in action to avoid emotional feelings and disturbances. Keep trips to hilly terrains at distance. Consult a counselor for matters of the heart.

5 October 2011 (6:03:33 pm) to 4 November 2011 (10:28:47 pm)
This is a good time for all-round success. Paternal matters are highlighted; they would be delighted to receive you if you stay away from them. The axis planets are giving you inner consciousness, making you more aware of the deeper meanings of life. Social standing is not fantastic but just alright to negotiate. An elevated path of inspiration comes to you from the opposite sex and you come out on a winning streak. You will be at your romantic best, where your inclination towards music and fine arts are exhibited.

4 November 2011 (10:28:47 pm) to 31 December 2011 (00:00:00 am)
Soul searching for hidden questions will come up for debates. Your restlessness will drive you for higher contacts with spiritual gurus or preachers. This is a good time professionally as it brings monetary gains. All your pursuits will be fulfilled, though they maybe delayed. You will be delighted by the participation and performance of your family members. New job seekers, especially in technical fields, will attain good positions. Those who are working successfully will receive timely promotion. All delayed endeavourers see the day light, new projects will materialize. Your love for gadgets and gizmos continues to fascinate you.

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