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Swamiji’Sri Selvam Siddhar’s Birthday Message

 Why was I born? For what purpose was I born?  It was not just to live, eat and sleep.  I don’t force you to live in any particular way, but I advise you how to live.  You may live in any way but, by living in the way I tell you, you can realize the meaning of this birth. Even though you know the way to realize the soul within you and to unite it with the universal soul (the Paramatma), you are not doing this but you are just living in any way.


This body is not permanent and you are aware of its perishable nature. When you are born you are pure and, when you are young, your mind is also pure.  So why aren’t you able to hold onto that purity?  Don’t live with the consideration that what is false is true. Don’t allow your mind to wander as it pleases. You know the truth. Discipline your mind to focus on the truth.  You are following a good path, so it is better that you behave according to that.


Both sorrows and pleasures are one.  However, our mind ponders on pleasures; we invite sorrows into our own lives and then call them sorrows. Even though we know the ways to happiness, we don’t know how to live in that happiness. In this yuga, we have accumulated unnecessary things which we consider to be necessary.  We do not understand that all these are burdens to us and thus we live a life weighed down by burdens. I welcome those people who leave behind all their burdens and become involved with God, surrendering everything to Him, and who come to the Guru for help.  I teach them good things and make them realize the good in them. I see that some of the people who come to me are unable to shake off the illusion attached to their body.  I repeatedly tell them the ways in which they are able to remove that illusion and I realize that they don’t understand. 


What does it matter where I stay? The eternal energy within me will reach you from wherever you call me and benefit you and the people around you. Understand that I come to you only to do good.  If you keep me in your heart, I will come with you in whichever birth you take to do good for you, and I will also do good for you in this birth for as long as you are in your body. I do not want anything. What I expect you to do is to think of God.  God should come to you, His grace should be with you.  This is why I come close to you.


Why do I remove your sorrows, your problems, cure your diseases, remove your karmas and unburden you, carrying all that myself after taking it from you? I do what you expect me to do. The human mind has become involved in this falsehood. I do all these miracles, thinking that the trivial happiness you will derive from them will call you towards God and make you realize that God is permanent, because now you live without that understanding. My mind is not interested in these miracles.  But when you see them, you become happy and realize God.  You are gifted to have this opportunity.  Do not let it slip through your hands. 

Om Sri Selvam Siddhar Gurve Namaha!!



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