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Siddhar Selvam’s sayings

 Be inspired by Swamiji' Sri Selvam Siddhars words...



His Teachings


“Ask yourself, what is the truth? Why was I born? How long will I   live? What am I going to do? Where will I be ultimately? If you were to seriously contemplate such things you would realise the truth.”


“It is not important to believe in God, or to believe in what I or anybody else tells you, but believe yourself, believe your own heart, be courageous and fearless. Otherwise you cannot do anything and cannot reach anywhere, neither in the world nor on the spiritual path.”


“The way to become selfless is to think of others always and to take care of others.”




 Love & Inner Peace


“The easiest way to come close to God is through love.  True love is the absolute, ultimate sweetness transcending all that is earthly. There is nothing higher. True love is God.”


“Your mind should become peaceful in order to progress.”


“If we can see the divine love that exists in everything, everywhere, we can love all beings in the world and only then can we truly do something good in this world.  The heart will become a spring of love and every being will be seen as the Divine.”


“Reach that nice stage – not reacting to anything that goes on around you. Be completely centered in your Self.  Nothing else should disturb you.”


“Say, “It doesn’t matter” and take it easy. Make a cup of tea and relax.”






“When a child is born, does it feel superior or different from others? Is it conscious of its religion or caste? It is the family and the environment that determine caste, creed and status and it is they who install these separations in the mind of the child. Yet in the presence of the Divine these differences have no meaning.”


“The ideas expressed in all religions are, to a great extent, in harmony. No matter to what religion we belong, we must accept the fact that there is only one supreme reality in all religions. Our aim is to reach this reality and not to worry about how many religions and paths there may be.”


“If we accept that we all emanate from one great source of energy then only will we realize the essential unity of humankind.”







“There is much work to be done in this world.  Let us be active.  Let’s not talk too much and let us do something!  True service is done selflessly, with love, humbleness and patience, and without pride.  In order to really give true service we have to work on ourselves to acquire such virtues and learn to give without expecting anything in return.”


“Divinity is within you. Likewise, remember that the same spark of the divine is there within all other living beings. By doing service to them you are serving God.”


“We should never miss a chance to serve others whenever we can.”




The World


“Today’s world has become caught up in illusion and desire.  Human beings must start to purify themselves and look after their fellow men and other creatures according to the eternal laws of wisdom. If they would share their wealth with the poor wisely and replace selfishness with compassion, there would be little suffering in this world. Each one of us is responsible for the future of the planet and the growth of the message of truth.”


“If you change yourself determinedly and full of confidence into a beautiful and noble person, the vibrations of your good thoughts will radiate from you towards society.  If you are filled with compassionate and selfless thoughts, then slowly human society will change and be uplifted.”


“Everything is one and God is one.”


“If you want to meditate you have to be able to relax and take it easy. No tension. You have to manage with the way things are. Do your best but don’t get excited.”




The  Master’s  Presence


“One may learn quickly from evolved people who are themselves immersed in devotion and who have love in their hearts. I am not saying you cannot continue alone but it is a question of time. If you find a true guide and learn from him it may be possible to learn everything in this very birth! If you have much time and endless patience, you can carry on learning from your worldly experiences, but it will probably take you many lives.”


“God’s grace flows through the saint like a natural spring. The obstacles to receiving it are with in you. Silently, the saint guides you towards the Divine. He teaches you and leads you powerfully deep within your self. Through him, you can experience pure Divinity and it can become a real experience for you.”


“The Master shows you the path to your true heart. He allows you to taste the bliss of absolute freedom.”




True  Happiness


“All the wealth in the world can never give you true happiness but it can give you unbearable pressures, difficulties, confusions pain and disease. We are all searching for happiness, in one way or another, but do not realise that it lies within ourselves.”


“Whether you are working, giving service or practising sadhana - whenever you meet with some difficulties, look sincerely and deeply into yourself and you will find the origin of your problems right there within yourself .”


“Remember, the only way you can really be free is to belong to the Supreme, totally. That is what I mean by absolute happiness, Anandam!”


“Don’t worry – be happy!”



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