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Siddhar’s Satsang

 Various Excerpts from Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar’s satsang


( From Ganesh Chaturthi 2010 Satsang)


Om Namashivaya!!


If you pray to Lord Ganesha wholeheartedly, He will appear and give you His darshan. Vinayagar Chaturti is a superb day for those who wish to receive Lord Ganesha’s grace.  Let them pray to Him on that day with devotion.  There is a scripture called the ‘Vinayagar Kavasam’, in praise of Lord Ganesha. In it, it is said that worshipping Lord Ganesha on Ganesha Chaturti gives the same benefits as worshipping him during all 365 days of the year.


Lord Vinayagar is the God to be worshipped first. He is the Lord of all types of people, who easily comes to all places, wherever you think of Him. When you pray to Him, chant His name wholeheartedly. You will receive His grace and blessings.


According to the ancient tradition, people will do a Ganesha puja even before starting to build a house. When they want to open that new house, they will perform a Ganapati homam (fire ceremony) and thereby open the house.  This is the ancient way of doing everything after first worshipping Lord Ganesha through poojas. Whether they wanted to conduct a ceremony, have an auspicious function or a special pooja, from ancient times it has been a belief amongst the people that they should first worship Lord Ganesha and then only start anything. On this day, according to each person’s possibilities, they give offerings to Lord Vinayagar and pray to Him, who appears and fulfills their requests and wishes.


Let us pray to Lord Ganesha, who is the first God for all activities, on this auspicious Vinayakar Chaturti day and be happy to receive His grace for our wishes to be fulfilled. 


 Excerpts from Happy New Year 2011 Satsang


Om Namashivaya!!


I thought of sharing a message of love with you all for the New Year. 


Let us give everyone the opportunity to be good.  There may be people who did not do anything wrong; there may be some people who make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly; there may be some who made mistakes because of their situation; there may be people who make mistakes continuously without changing themselves.  There are many different kinds of people in today’s world.  Don’t think that these people should be shunned by our society and don’t keep away from them.  If you would talk with them you would see that the reason for their mistake is not a wrong one.  It may be wrong according to the law.  But, if you want to see everyone in society as pure, good people, then you need love. 


Since we don’t have close relationships with some people, who are in poverty, in difficulties, who don’t see any development in their lives, who are worried and depressed, and we avoid them, they make mistakes, thinking that they should get rid of all this and live happily.  They do this without understanding, without knowing that these small or big mistakes are mistakes and, without knowing their affect, they think only of that day’s happiness.  After making the mistakes they realize them and are very worried and then, when society also shuns them and no one talks to them lovingly, they come into a situation that makes them repeat the same mistakes.  To correct them you should talk and behave with them lovingly.  Help them in the way you can.  Tell your advice lovingly.  Then you can make them completely eliminate that tendency of making mistakes.


 The law has made many innocent people who did not do anything wrong, into convicts.  They plan, they create victims and the documents to support their claim and, using all this, they convict them.  Because of this we may think of them as criminals, but their conscience tells them they are innocent.  When you shun them, their mind leads them to make mistakes.  They will think there is no benefit for them in being a good person.  Instead of researching whether he is a good or a bad person, we should help everyone in whichever way we can without expecting anything and with a good heart. 


We can give each and every one the opportunity to become a good person.  Believe that this chance that we give them will definitely make them a good person. 


Wherever we are, whatever situation we are in, whatever difficulties we are undergoing, we should understand the rules and regulations of that place and we should act accordingly and live as good people.  Our life won’t last for one hundred years.  As long as it lasts, we should live as good people for our own sake and we should also take care that we live in a way that won’t trouble anyone else, no matter where we are.  Let us think of good, do good, live as good people and talk in a good way.



Excerpts from  Guru Purnima 2010 Satsang


Om Namashivaya!!


Once every 365 days Guru Purnima comes round.  From the time this world was created until now, the teachings of the guru have been the reason for human beings having attained a high state.  When children study in school the teacher who lovingly teaches them there is called a guru.  A person who teaches someone a profession is also called a guru.  A person who teaches politics is also called a guru.  Even doctors who treat patients in a hospital have been taught meticulously how to do that and the one who did that is also a kind of guru.  Therefore, having a guru is very essential for all types of practices.  However, this day is a sacred day that we joyfully celebrate to give respect to the one who teaches spirituality, to remind ourselves of his or her teachings, points of view and advice.  We do this by thinking of all these Gurus full of divine grace, or by thinking only of our own Guru.  In a spiritual context, this day is called Guru Purnima. 


We perform the puja on Guru Purnima to think about the teachings of the Guru and to get rid of any bad habits we may have so that we can reach a high state.  All those teachers whom you think of as a spiritual Guru during this puja will be with you on this Guru Purnima day.  Since ancient times it has been a great Vedic belief that their divine power will be strongly present.  When you call out to them with a true heart that divine power will reveal its presence.  Thinking about their teachings and realizing them with all your heart – this is the real, great Guru Purnima puja. 


We just pray for the grace of all the siddhas, the great saints and avatars but, really, what is important is to accept their teachings and follow them.  Nowadays the reason that human society goes to get the darshan of saints, avatars and siddhas is to obtain release of their day-to-day problems, difficulties and worries and they expect to receive their grace.  This is like thinking about small matters within a circle of selfishness. 


Our birth, this human birth, is a rare and elevated one.  However, we are not using this birth to take the necessary steps in order to wholly accept their grace, blessings and teachings.  We don’t make ourselves mature, develop spiritually or immerse ourselves in that wisdom and attain that blissful happiness in a permanent way.  We are only devoted to solving our day-to-day problems and difficulties and involving ourselves in this with all our heart.  Guru Purnima is a day that, through the teachings of the Gurus, paves the way for us to do sadhanas that lead to unwavering peace of mind and equal bliss.  What we should understand on this Guru Purnima is that only their teachings will guide us in the correct way towards a high spiritual state.  The teachings are essential.  We should follow them. 


Good will happen.  My special blessings are with you all on this Guru Purnima.


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