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 Q.1. Square plots bring health and wealth to the inhabitants.

Ans.  Square shaped plots are considered the sign of stability and economy. These plots are considered highly auspicious by all the classical proponents of Vaastu as well as modern Vaastu experts. There is more area and fewer perimeters in case of square plots as compared to rectangular plots which has slightly more perimeter and less area. Square and rectangular shaped plots and buildings require lesser amount of masonry on its periphery. Thus, we see that the perimeter of a given area in a rectangular shaped building is nearly equal to the square but it increases rapidly when its length is more than twice of width. Hence, a square or rectangular building whose length is nearly one and a half times of the width is ideal. Moreover, more space can be utilized in a square shaped plot as compared to other shaped plots. Our body also fits in square/rectangular shape easily. All the above brings health and wealth to the inhabitants in square shaped plot.

Q.2. Any excavation in the middle of the plot brings disintegration of family.

Ans.  The middle part of a plot is known as Brahma Sthan. It should always be left blank as per Ideal Vaastu. It has ±0% load. Therefore, no excavation should be done here. If we do excavation in the middle of plot, there exists communication gap in the family members and there is no easily accessibility to general things. No meeting point exists here if excavation is done .The best example can be given from the epics of Mahabharat where Kaurvas had excavated in the middle part in the form of a lake due to which all the Kaurvas were totally ruined. Moreover, there should not be any height/beam in this area which also gives the same effects in the family as of excavation. Therefore, we can say that any excavation in the middle of plot brings disintegration in the family.

Q.3. Main Road ending (Veethi Shoola) on the entrance brings sudden misfortune.

Ans.  Main roads that thrust into a site or a road which terminates as dead end to a plot causes Shoola or fast approaching arrow like effects. This is also called Veethi Shoola. Veethi means a small road or passage. These are naturally or man-made and every dust ends there which brings sudden misfortune for the inhabitants of the plot. The results of Veethi Shoola are different depending upon the direction of approaching road. To some extent it gives auspicious results for the plot, if road is approaching in the North or East of Northeast, West of Northwest and/or South of Southeast. It leads to difficulties and hardship of all kinds. The house owner will always feel insecure. Vehicles approaching from the opposite direction cause imbalance of energies for the people living in the plot which brings sudden misfortune.

Q.4. Lesser height of rooms may cause Preta Badha.

Ans. Preta Badha means shrinking of a man and the atma of a man does not expand. If the rooms are of lesser height, may be less than 10 feet, the volume of the rooms will be less and there will be less quantity of air in the rooms as it could be as in a greater height room. Moreover, it has less space element. All the Panchmahabhootas i.e. fire, earth, air, water, space will have dearth in these rooms. There will be no necessary elements for survival. The man living in these rooms becomes narrow minded. He does not rise in his life due to his less mental growth. The other family members also suffer due to this, which may get health problems in them. The rooms should always be of greater height so as to acquire all the five great elements of  Panchmahabhootas which are very necessary for survival. Thus, it is said that lesser height of rooms causes Preta Badha for the people living in these rooms.

Q.5. North or East of Ishaan is best for an underground water tank/well/bowli.

Ans. Water is one of the five great elements of Panchmahabhootas and is inevitable for a human life. A site selection for the residence is done keeping in view the availability of water. It can be ensured in the form of a well, boring, hand pump, underground water storage tank. In Vaastu, Northeast sector is best for underground water tank/well/bowli as water governs the Northeast sector. It is a cool place and cold water can be obtained from here. It is also a Sattvik zone. Its lord is Jup and Dikpal is Lord Shiv. Positive rays are obtained from this direction only which purify naturally the underground water. When we dug earth from here, it gets less weight and the Northeast corner becomes of less load as per Ideal Vaastu which is best. Ishaan or Northeast corner is also of  Dev sthan and it should be given greater importance. A well in the east of Northeast gives good finances and education. Water source placed here leads to increased wealth, prosperity, knowledge and family. The Borewell/Bowli should not be in exact of North or East. It should not be constructed in the shadow area of Northeast. The well or water should be towards the right or left of these two axis. The well should be in the North or East of Northeast and not towards Northeast of Southeast. A boring/well in the East leads to prosperity, in the North it leads to increase in wealth, in the West it invites difficulties and hardships and in the South, it leads to untimely death, deformities, frequent accidents, attempted suicides and bad ways. A well in the Brahmasthan is never recommended. Therefore, we can say that North or East of Ishaan is best for underground water tank/well/bowli.

Q.6. Staircase should turn clockwise while going upwards with odd number of steps.

Ans. One of the strongest recommendations in Vaastu Shastra about Staircase is that it should always be clockwise or right-handed. Because human wants to apply shortest route and covers less distance in right hand direction. The rule of right hand or clockwise movement is based on strong scientific grounds. Today, nearly 90% of the world´s population is right handed. The left hand is passive and subjective, showing early-inherited traits and attitudes. The right hand is active and objective, showing years of maturity, developed self and present & future health. The right hand movement of a Staircase helps to take advantage of the dominance of right hand rule in a lucid manner. If the staircase is clockwise with right railing and open well in the right hand side, the better grip of right hand will facilitate the safe and quick ascending. Moreover, centre of gravity is in the upward direction, while ascending. If a person starts from right, it should end at right which is Shubh. Therefore, odd numbers of steps are taken.

Q.7. Servants, Pets and Vehicles should be in the Northwest, separate from the main building.

Ans. The planet Moon rules over the Northwest sector. Its directional lord is Vaayu, the God of Winds. Being the meeting point of cold and hot zones, this sector becomes the ideal place for wind´s entry. Servants, pets and vehicles are not a part of the house, they should be kept in the background. In this sector they are active. Northwest is the limit of extension of Master´s feet sleeping in the Southwest. The servant, staying in the Northwest remains youthful and vigilant to obey his master´s orders. The air has swift movement which will keep the livestock kept in the Northwest, active. Animals used for transportation such as horse or camel are kept here in Northwest, wind energy of Northwest will make them to run faster. Garage or vehicles are also best in this direction because of their quick movements, to and from the house for person´s personal use.

Q.8. Place  for Weeping should be in the West of North-West.

Ans: The planet Moon rules North-West sector and Sat rules over West sector. In between these sectors,place for weeping (Rodan Sthan) is taken because it is the dark place and active disha exists here. The cold nature of both of Moon and night make the air soothing for our body and weeping gets activated here in a fresh way. After weeping, the person is relieved of his tensions and feels light like air. The mysterious cold nature of planet Sat (an airy planet) and cold nature of planet Moon,with least light, helps the person to become calm, cool and quiet in that area after weeping. Because of all the above factors West of North-West is taken as the place for weeping.

Q.9. What is the role of directions in the Industrial Vaastu.

Ans: In Vaastu Shastra, different directions are rich in different energies. Certain of business thrive better in certain directions ,certain locations and certain buildings. Their  correct choice is first step on the path to success in any business. Therefore we must design our business space to harness these energies  accordingly. The role of different directions in Industrial Vaastu are:

1.North: Its planetary lord is Mercury and Dikpal is Kuber and it has  satvik and rajas(of air) energies. The business activities in this direction are: Banking,Money-landing, speech therapy clinic, educational institutions etc.

2.North-East: Its planetry lord is Jupiter and Dikpal is Shiv. It has satvik energy. The business activities  to be performed in this direction are: Rligious institutions, preaching, courts of flow of law,arbitration,chambers,meditation & yoga centres,places of worship etc.

3.East: Its planetary lord is Sun & Dikpal is Indra. It has satvik and rajas (of fire) energies. The business activities are: Political party, office ,multinational organizations, business tycoons,film makers,swimming pools,public baths etc.

4.South-East: Its planatry lord is Ven and Dikpal is Agni. It has rajasik energy.The business activities are: antique shops,food processing,industries,coffee shops, women organizations,industrial working in the field of light and energy etc.

5.South: Its planetry lord is Mars and Dikpal is Yama. It has tamas and rajas(of fire) energies.The business activities are: Industies using heat, fire  and metals on a large scale,violent games such as foot ball,archery and karate, free style boxing etc.

6.South-West: Its planetry lord is Rahu and Dikpal is Nainiriti.  It has tamsic energy.The business activities to do in this direction are: leather industries, wood work, ivory work, industries manufacturing poisonous drugs and chemicals, mortuary,places of rest such as night shelters etc.

7.West: Its planetry lord is Sat and Dikpal is Varuna. It has tamas and rajas (of air) energies.The business activities are: laboratries,research  institutes, detective agencies, petroleum and mining industries, eating plazas,antique shops etc.

8.North-West: Its planetry lord is Moon and Dikpal is Vayu .It has rajas energy.The business activities to be performed in this direction are : audio and music, parlours, beauty culture saloons, pet animals ,dairies, car showrooms ,vehicle service centres, air conditioning etc.

Moreover, all the great five-elements i.e., Panchmahabhootas should  be kept in mind  while choosing any direction to do any business activity.

 Q.10. Which probable steps will you undertake for the revival of a sick industrial unit.

Ans. Vaastu Shastra as a tool to enhance the business success of a sick industrial unit can be used in several ways. Auspicious directions can be used  for arranging office positions to improve the posperity of the sick unit.There are  methods aimed at increasing turnover at retail establishments such as general stores,boutiques,restaurant and franchise outlets.Employee’s productivity can be improved by introducing Vaastu Shastra principles in the sick industrial unit. All the openings should be open so  that all the great five-elements i.e.,Panchmahabhootas comes in to force and the cross ventilation should be proper.

Wise application of Vaastu principles can assist the movement of stagnant energies in the unit. The prana of an industrial unit depends on the people working there and their mutual relationships. The environment of a unit can dramatically be improved if its occupants co-operate with one other in a positive way. Paint, plants and images also help in improving an unsatisfactory environment of the unit. All these things can make it a better place to work.

Office activities of the unit can be diverted in rajas and tamas. Decision making  and implementing policies are mainly rajas .While day to day administrative task and  putting  the  the ideas into practice  is largely a tamas activity. Tamas and rajas with tamas energy is good  for smooth running of the sick unit. There should be sufficient  room for future horizontal and vertical expansion. Large trucks can make pick ups and deliveries easily in the open location.


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