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Vaasthu Shastra deals with various aspects of designing and building living environments that are in harmony with the physical and metaphysical forces. Building practices based on limited interpretations of these principles are still sustained in all parts of the world. The Vaasthu shastra varies from country to country. Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar (Dr. Commander Selvam) is an authority in Vaasthu Shastra. The landscape, directions and the directions are the major aspects to be considered. Above all aspects the horoscope of the land owner or the building owner is to be scrutinized first. Only if the planetary positions favor an individual to be the land or building owner then only the Vaasthu will work. Without the proper planetary position no Vaasthu will work. That’s why Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar (Dr. Commander Selvam) scrutinizes the horoscope first. Then only he enters into the field of Vaasthu Shastra.

Though Vaasthu is conceptually similar to Feng Shui of China and Japan in that it also tries to harmonize the flow of energy (Also called life-force, and Prana in Sanskrit) through the house, it differs in the details, such as the exact directions in which various objects, rooms, materials etc are to be placed. Vaasthu is the science of direction, movements and architecture that combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with the man and the material. As the application part of all the four Vedas Atharva Veda has dealt with Vaasthu also. As according to the Atharva Vedic scripture the horoscope of an individual and his wife play a major role in deciding the factors of the Vaasthu. The regular Astrologers say that north east is the best direction and the direction South is not good. It is not true. Of course all the directions are the best and at the same time all the directions are the worst. The best and worst will vary according to the horoscope of an individual. Atharva Veda has also mentioned a lot of clarifications and classifications for deciding the Vaasthu. Vaasthu Shastra is creating a congenial settings or a place to live or work, in most scientific way taking advantages of the benefits bestowed by the five elements called “Pancha Maha Bhootas” of the nature thereby paving the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment.

The world comprises five basic elements, also known as the Panchbhootas. They are Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. Out all the planets, only the earth has life because of the presence of these five elements.

EARTH (Bhumi) - Earth, the third planet in order from the sun, is a big magnet with North and South poles as centers of attractions. Its magnetic field and gravitational force has considerable effects on everything on the Earth, living and non-living. According to the Vedic sriptures Lord Brahma is the creator of this earth and all the beings in this earth. Lord Mahavishnu is the protector of all the earthly beings and Lord Shiva is the destructor of all the earthly beings for a new reconstruction. So, Lord Shiva is considered as the father of this earth and earthly beings.

WATER (Jala) - This is represented by rain, river, sea and is in the form of liquid, solid (ice) and gas (steam, cloud). It forms part of every plant and animal. Our blood is nothing but water with hemoglobin and oxygen. According to Vedic scriptures Lord Varuna is considered as the in charge of Water and Water sources. He is assisted by Lord Indra in getting the rain.

AIR (Vayu) - As a life supporting element, air is very powerful life source. Human physical comfort values are directly and sensitively dependent on correct humidity, air flow, temperature of air, air pressure, air composition and its content. According to Vedic scriptures Lord Vayu is considered as the in charge of the air. Atharva Veda explains a lot about him.

FIRE (Agni) - It represents light and heat without which the life will extinct. All the days and nights, seasons, energy, enthusiasm, passion, vigor is because of light and heat only. According to Vedic scriptures Lord Agni is considered as the in charge of fire and fire sources. Atharva Veda explains a lot about him.

SPACE/ETHER (Aakasha) - It is the shelter provider to all the above elements. It is also considered the primary conductor of all energy sources within the universal context and physical energies such as sound and light, social energies such as psychological and emotional, and cognitive energies such as intellect and intuition. The area of Aakasha and the color of Aakasha is still a great question to all the great scientists of the entire world.

There is an invisible and constant relation between all the five elements. Thus, the man can improve his conditions by properly designing his buildings by understanding the effectiveness of these five natural forces. Atharva Veda explains a lot in using the energies of the aforesaid five basic elements of the universe and helps the entire human race to have a peaceful and comfortable living style. Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar (Dr. Commander Selvam) is the only living Siddhar in the entire western countries. He is an expert in Vaasthu Shastra based on Atharva Veda.

To consult Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar (Dr. Commander Selvam) contact @ toll free 1-800-574-3427 or Hindu Temple of Georgia @ 770-447-9393 ext -0- or email to avtemple@aol.com. To know more and more about Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar (Dr. Commander Selvam) please visit www.hindutempleofgeorgia.org or www.yogacraft.com

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