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Tradition of Krishna Puja


Our temple conducts very special rituals, poojas, and prayers for problems in peoples’ lives. Our mandir has well-learned and experienced Hindu Swamijis and mathajis. It also has very powerful yakshanis like Sri Soolini also known as Sri Rudrakali, Yakshini Prathinkara Devi also known as Sri Bathrakali, and separate shrines for Planet Guru (Jupiter), Lord Shani (Saturn), and Kala Bhiravar (Vairavar), Lord Sarabareshwar, Graha Raghu, Graha Ketu, and many more. Receving proper advice through proper Atharva Vedic services from the Radha Krishna Mandir can possibly guide you or any one of your loved ones to come out of various problems in your life including problems in marriage, children, health, cour-cases, black magic, kala jadoo, pilli, soonyam, yeval, drug addictions, love failures, etc.

Also, the temple conducts special poojas/prayers on special occasions. If you are unable to come directly to the Texas Radha Krishna mandir, then we can conduct archanas, poojas, and rituals for you or your loved ones through the phone. You can call us at the Radha Krishna Mandir’s toll free number 1-888-808-1428 for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, healing prayers, etc. Our Krishna Temple in Texas also has space for Seemantham, Namakarnam (naming cenemony), Anadhan/ Anadhanaam, etc. Please contact the Mandir at toll free number at 1-888-808-1418 or e-mail us at info@texaskrishnamandir.org. This is the first and only Ganesh temple in Houston in which Lord Ganesh is sitting in an open yard under two sixty-years old live trees. The name of our Ganesh Ji is Maha Ganapathy also known as Raja Ganapathy. Contact the Texas Radha Krishna Temple to conduct any poojas, archanas, and rituals to our Raja Ganapathy. Our mandir can promptly mail you the prashadam. All your vedic astrological consultations and various rituals for your problems and concerns can be kept 100% confidential in the temple. Please call the Radha Krishna Mandir immediately-1-888-808-1428 or e-mail info@texaskrishnamandir.org for any of your religious needs.

Lord Ganesha

According to Hindu Philosophy, Lord Ganesha is the eldest son of Lord Shiva and Parvathy. Veda explains lot about Lord Ganesha.He removes all the troubles and paves way to the success. Whatever we do we have to first start those tasks only with the prayer/pooja to Lord Ganesha.Ganapathy gives success in all aspects to his devotees. The Veda’s part Ganapathy Seer sham tells a lot about the powers of Lord Ganesha.

Lord Shivalinga ( Kasi Viswanathan)

Lord Shiva is a major Hindu deity, and one aspect of Trimurti. In the Shaiva tradition of Hinduism, Shiva is seen as the Supreme God. Among the holy trinity of Brahma Vishnu and Shiva, Brahma is the creator. Vishnu is the protector. Shiva is the destructor for new construction. As he reconstructs everything he is considered as the father of this entire universe. Shiva is usually worshipped in the abstract form of Shiva lingam. The worship to the Shiva Lingam gets the entire blessings of Lord Shiva.

Lord Krishna

Radha Krishna is a wonderful deity. Krishna is often referred as svayam bhagavan in and Radha is a young woman, a gopi who is Krishna's supreme beloved. With Krishna, Radha is acknowledged as the Supreme Goddess, for it is said that she controls Krishna with Her love. It is believed that Krishna enchants the world, but Radha enchants even Him.Therefore she is the supreme goddess of all.While there are much earlier references to the worship of this form of God, it is since Jayadeva Goswami wrote a famous poem Gita Govinda in the twelfth century of the Common Era, that the topic of the spiritual love affair between the divine Krishna and his devotee Radha, became a theme celebrated throughout India.

Radha is not just one cowherd maiden, but is the origin of all the gopis, or divine personalities that participate in the rasa dance known as Rasakreedai. The common derivation of Shakti and Shaktiman, i.e. Female and Male principle in god implies that Shakti and Shaktiman are the same. Radhkrishna is the symbol of pure love and this wonderful deity fulfills all the ambitions of the devotee. This is our moolavar (main deity). Our Radha Krishna deietes are made out of typical South Indian black granite with extreme power to heal any of your difficulties/problems. The Texas Krishna Mandir’s poojaris/pundits are available 24/7 to help you for any of your religious needs. Please visit the only Radha Krishna temple in Baytown, Texas and receive the blessings of Sri Radha Krishna.

Godess Sri Durga or Maa Durga

Sri. Durga or Maa Durga (Mother Durga) is explained as “Durga dhukkaaarthi naasini” that means "one who can redeem in situations of utmost distress". Durga is a form of Devi, the supremely radiant goddess, depicted in many names as, Jaya Durga, Vana Durga, Mahishsuramardini Durga and so on, but maintaining a meditative smile, and practicing mudras, or symbolic hand gestures in all the forms.

Vana Durga is one of the numerous forms of Goddess Durga. As the name indicates, she resides in forests. Vana Durga is very powerful in blessing her devotees and destroying the evils, disturbing the normal life of her devotees. This is the only biggest image of Sri Durga Maa in the entire mid west. Radha krishna mandir is the only Hindu Temple in the entire North America to have this wonderful and powerful deity.

Lord Sri Sarabeswara.

Sri Sarabeswara is also referred to as Sarabesa, Saraba and Saluvesa. When sorrow rules your life, where can you seek solace? When you think your life is a calamitous, sorrowful mess, where can you go for refuge? When righteous endeavors do not bear fruit, where can you turn for help? When you're not compensated appropriately for your work, who can get you what you rightfully deserve? When your mental strength declines in spite of your intelligence, who can bless you with fortitude? When your memory falters, who can help you? When courage and bravery bid you goodbye, who can protect you? When you are not courageous to face defeat, who can cradle you?

If you want to march on the path of victory with assurance, who can give you that resolute mind? If you want peace and love in family life, who can give it to you? If you want to beget good children who will do good to society, who can ensure that? If you want a life free of disease, how can you get it? If you want to defeat the evil effects of black magic and jealousy, who can help you do that?

The answer to all these questions is Sri Sarabeswara, the Lord in His unique manifestation as the Vanquisher of evil forces everywhere. He is the Great Protector, Motivator and Well Wisher of all beings. This Lord of Fearlessness is the One who envelops us with His invincible shield of protection. He destroys negative forces and showers us with positive spiritual energy. Pray to Him constantly if you want to stay clear off evil.

Godess Sri Prathyangira Devi

The Pratyangira aspect of the Divine has been a bit of a secret for most of these past ages. Many believed that direct experience with this energy was reserved for Saints and Rishis. Seeing Pratyangira in any form was considered an enormous blessing, and an indication that you were in similar company. Pratyangira comes from a deep, deep place within the Divine Mother; an area simply known as the Void. In the Void there are no thoughts of fear, or pain, or loss, or want, or time, or even space only the warmth of the Mother’s love.

Vana Durga is one of the numerous forms of Goddess Durga. As the name indicates, she resides in forests. Vana Durga is very powerful in blessing her devotees and destroying the evils, disturbing the normal life of her devotees. This is the only biggest image of Sri Durga Maa in the entire mid west. Radha krishna mandir is the only Hindu Temple in the entire North America to have this wonderful and powerful deity.

Godess Sri Soolini Durga

Sri Soolini Durga is the wife of Sri.Sarabeswara. She is another form of Goddess Parasakthi. There are three shapes for each and every deity. They are Santham, Ugram and Maha ugram. It means calm, fearsome and the most fearsome. SriMeenakshi, Sri Kamakshi are the examples for calm poses of Goddess Parasakthi. Sri.Durga is the example for Ugram and Sri Soolini Durga and Prathyangira Devi are the examples for the most fearsome poses. When we need the motherly affection we have to pray the Santha shapes. To get rid of moderate troubles we have to pray ugra shapes as Sri.Durga.

To solve the sever problems we face in our day to day life we have to pray the Maha ugram poses. Veda is the only Veda, which deals with the healing part. It explains in detail about the different methods of prayers and rituals to get rid of our problems. Sri.Soolini Durga plays a vital role in solving the problems faced by each and every body. Sri.Soolini Durga Hrudayam, a part of Veda and an old palm script compiled by a great monk, “Prapancha sara sara Sangraham” tells in detail about Sri.Soolini Durga. Lord Mahavishnu took the reincarnation as Narasimha. Narasimha is one of the most fearsome shapes of Lord Mahavishnu.

One of his devotees is Prahlaadha. He is from the family of demons. He had to face a lot of troubles with his father Hiranyakasibu. Prahaladha prayed Lord Mahavishnu to rescue him. Hiranyakasibu had got a boon from Brahma. Hiranyakasibu cannot be killed with any kind of weapon He can’t be killed by any kind of divine, human, animal or birds. He can’t be killed either inside or outside of the place where he lives. With the power of the boon he started giving troubles to all the human beings and devas. He troubled the sages and monks also. All prayed to Lord Maha vishnu to rescue them from this demon. The demon Hiranyaya kasibu forced all to chant Om Hiranyaya Namaha. Everybody did so. But his son refused to do so.n

Lord Sri Balaji

This wonderful deity is another form of Lord Mahavishnu. He is also known as Venkatachalapathy, Srinivasa and Balaji. Venkateshwara means the Lord who destroys the sins of the people. His other name Balaji denotes that he is the brother of Goddess Parasakthi. According to the Hindu scriptures, Vishnu, out of love towards his devotees, incarnated as Balaji and appeared for the salvation and up liftment of humanity in this Kali Yuga and is considered the supreme form of Vishnu in this age.

He is regarded as "Kaliyuga Varada". In the "degenerate" age of Kali, He is always close to devotees and ever ready to bless and protect them. The Balaji in the Radha krishna mandir is one of the biggest images of Lord Balaji.

Lord Sri Nagaraja

Nagaraja is a Sanskrit word meaning King of Snakes. Among many snakes two snakes play a vital role in Hindu Puranas. They are Ananthan and Vasuki. Lord Vishnu is always on continuous meditation (Yoganidra) with Anantha forming a bed for him, and this posture is called Anantha Sayana. Vasuki, the younger one was a devotee of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva always wears Vasuki around his neck. Veda recommends the worship of snakes to get rid of the problems caused by poisonous snakes and the snake planets Raaghu and Kethu. The Nagaraja is the only one of its kind in the entire mid west. He is placed in a very special place and there are special Vedic Thantric rituals for this deity. This deity is well energized with special Veda mantras as per the divine.

Lord Guru Bhagawan.

Brihaspati or Guru is the name of a Vedic deity, personification of piety and religion. The chief offerer of prayers and sacrifices, represented as the Purohita of the gods with whom he intercedes for men. He is the Lord of planet Jupiter. He represents knowledge and teaching. According to Hindu scriptures, he is the guru of the Devas. He is also known Guru, the god of wisdom and eloquence. He is described of yellow or golden color and holding a stick, a lotus and his beads. He presides over 'Guru-war' or Thursday. Radha krishna mandir is the only Hindu Temple in the entire western countries that has a separate shrine for Guru Bhagawan.

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