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Kalasarp Yogam:

Kalsarp Yoga is a very important in vedic astrological but with this there is debate on this subject but facts and research shows that its influence is very can not be ignored and individual with Kalsarp yoga suffers a lot with this ka sarp yoga . This yoga is like obstruction in ones life but i have search there are a number of celebrity those have kalsarp yoga and they are very successful in their filds so This yoga gives success there is no doubt but delay and a number of problems are there .

If some one has all the stars in between RAHU and KETU so there is kalsarp yoga or vice versa but astrologer have their diffrent opinios about this kalsarp yoga . One famous kalsarp yoga refered is called vasuki KALSARP YOGA but according to my search on vedic astrology there is nothing to do with serpants or NAAGs but its ones trust to follow there own practice about that . What i obesreved as number of my clients suffering this yoga there was delay in marriage or they have difficulty with children ..

I have number of clients who have now healthy babies doing specific remedy for kalsarp yoga . So there is no need to worry about this kalsarp yoga and its bad efects can be removed by vedic remedies . please feel free to contact me for any help and support .

One of the indian best cricket player is example of kalsarp yoga his name is sachin tendulkar who is another name of success . So i can conclude after Research that person having kalsarp yoga can reach on top heights without any god father like sachin tendulkar done but this is not appicabel with all delay is there but success is assured if someone do proper remedy and with that hard work .only seeing kalsarp and predicting anything bad is very bad practice which alot of astrologer do but whole chart must be seen carefully for that when we are predicting about some ones .



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