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Different Houses
Kalasrpa Yogam
Durga Kavach chanting
Manglik Dosham/ Chevvai Dosham/ Kuja Dosham

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Quick Idea about Different Houses in Vedic Astrological Chart:

1. In vedic astrology this is very important house and called lagna /ascendant . This is the house where we predict about body shape of human being , this shows health , physical structure , complexions and about health of individual .

2. This house is called house of wealth and we see about finances of individual seeing this house like profits, gains , wealth resources all related to waelth .

3. This house is house of courage called SAHAJ STHAN and siblings in vedic astrology , we look for mental intellect , courage to attain ambition and about brothers and sisters of individuals .

4. This house is house of Mother . we check all matters related to mother like behavior , health etc . this house also shows pleasures in life . This also shows building , residence , mines , farms , orchards etc..

5 . This house is about education . progeny and competition . we check about children , education and competition through this house . this shows inclination recreation pleasures , artistic nature etc ..

6 .This house is called house of enemies and disease known as RIPU STHAN in vedic astrology , we predic about enemies , disease curable or not , loss ,debts etc seeing sixth house in vedic astrology .

7. This house is called JAAYA STHAN means house of marriage and partnership we predict about marriage , career , leagal bondage and about all about soul mate .

8. This house is called house of death , age and accidents we predic about span of life ,inheritance , accidents , legal , suicide , fire , delay and negative aspects in life .

9. This house is called house of fortune , fate called DHARMA STHAN in vedic astrology we see about fate, wisdom, spirituality , father, charity seeing this house in vedic astrology .

10. Tenth house is called house of profession we check for profession , dignity , honor ,job promotion , business success ,political power ,ranking through this house high posts li post of presidents , prime minister can be seen through this house .

11. This house tells us about income gains in life , friends society , income gains , wealth ,elder brothers ,prosperity ,illness, success and ruling star for this house is Jupiter .

12 . This house is called house of expenses and losses in life we check for losses , expanses , misfortune ,sorrows , sin , enemies , affairs, insult , court cases ,abroad places etc


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