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Medical malpractice is professional negligence by act or omission by a health care provider in which care provided deviates from accepted standards of practice in the medical community and causes injury or death to the patient. Medical professionals are required to maintain professional ethics. If they don't maintain those professional ethics it is considered as malpractice and that leads to law suits. Dr. Commander Selvam (Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar) is the only living Siddhar in the entire western countries. According to the Vedas, the Siddhars are the greatest scholars. They have skills in all. Their knowledge is in a great extent. They have got wonderful powers. Siddhars are people who can control and transcend the barriers of time and space by meditation (Yoga), and by the using the powers of Yaksha/ Yakshini devathas.

The Siddhars are well versed with the use of substances called Rasayanas. The direct meaning of the word "Rasayana" is "chemical". But the Siddhars split the word as Rasam+Ayanam. Rasam means juice or essence and ayanam means route. They have taught the usage of the essence of the Vedic Science and the routes to use those routes in the proper way to solve the problems in a spiritual way. Through their practices they have reached stages of insight which enabled them to tune into the powers hidden in various material substances and practices, useful for suffering and ignorant mankind. Typically Siddhars were saints, doctors, alchemists and mysticists all at once. As they are all at once, they know how to practice them in a proper way, and to come out of the malpractices. They are also founders of Varmam - a martial art for self-defense and medical treatment at the same time. It is just similar to the acupuncture and acupressure therapies of the modern world.

Since they have attained the below mentioned eight powers, they are called as Siddhars. These powers are called as "Ashta maa siddhi". To become tiny as the atom within the atom is called as Anima. To become big in unshakeable proportions is called as Mahima.

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To become as light as vapor in levitation is called as Laghima. To become as heavy as the mountain is called as Garima. To enter into other bodies in transmigration is called as Prapti. To be in all things, omni-pervasive is called as Prakamya.To be lord of all creation in omnipotence is called as Isatvam and to be everywhere in omnipresence is called as Vasitvam. Normally Siddhars will not come out of their living place and solve the problems. The one and only Siddhar who has come out to solve all sorts of problems faced by the human race is Dr. Commander Selvam (Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar). His Atharva Vedic knowledge is vast. The blessing of the Yaksha/Yakshini devathas he has is enormous. With the powers of these Yaksha/Yakshini devathas he has solved many problems. As a Siddhar, he never encourage any kind of malpractices but at the same time as a savior it automatically becomes his bound duty to clear off the problems of the people, who approach him for remedial measures. As a Siddhar, Dr. Commander Selvam (Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar) knows much about Spiritual Healings. However he is not at all practicing medicine and he never ever wants to be a medical practitioner in his life. He has helped and he helps lot of physicians to come out of their personal problems and he is the living god to a lot of physicians living in America. contact Dr. Commander Selvam (Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar) @ USA 001-404-647-1087 @ INDIA +91 422-2237317 or email to avtemple@aol.com

The money charged by the services delivered by the physicians, surgeons or para medical staff is called as fees. In this wonderful country America, the insurance company takes care of all the expenses according to the various norms and regulations of the insurance company or provider. The doctors used to take some money from the patients as co pay. They claim all the other expenses from the insurance company. The mal practice starts here. Some of the physicians or surgeons take the money from the patients other than the co pay and they charge the insurance company also. This is crucial. The next mal practice is more crucial than this. Some physicians become very close friends. They join together and start an office or hospital. Each and every partner will invest money in that office, clinic or hospital. Here one partner will take the money either from the patients or from the insurance company. The complaint will be lodged with the police on the cheating person. The police, law and enforcement authorities will take the proper action on the cheating person. Atharva Veda shows wonderful ways to correct the minds of the cheating persons. It also shows the proper ways to come out of the court cases and legal litigations. Sometimes some innocent physicians are also caught in these kinds of complaints. It is very pitiable. Why people do these kinds of malpractices and why they were caught by the police? The problem is the planets’ position in the horoscope. Then the Yaksha/Yakshini devathas rituals are to be performed as per the directions of Dr. Commander Selvam (Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar).

To know more about the salvations of your problems contact Dr. Commander Selvam (Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar) @ USA 001-404-647-1087 @ INDIA +91 422-2237317 or email to avtemple@aol.com Read the other pages of this website and also visit the websites www.yogacraft.com