Akash Siva Temple of Coimbatore

About Swamiji

Sri Sri Selvam “Siddhar” helps the human mankind to come out different problems in the life through Vedic Rituals. “Siddhar” is the only living “Siddhar” and Swamiji in USA with the Atharva Veda background. He is the only Yaksha Devatha Upaasaka among all other Swamijis. Siddhar Selvam is trained by his Guru in all the saptha rishi jyothisham and Atharva Veda. After mastering the Jyothisham and Thantra, he trained a lot of pundits to assist him in his Thantra rituals. Agasthiyar Siddhar peedam headed by Swamiji Sri Sri Selvam Siddhar has its head office in India. It is employed with a lot of full time Priests/Pundits at their different centers around the world. It is also the only Ashram which performs lot of Yagnas / Homams / Havans/Rituals per day at their different centers around the world for the followers and devotees.

Swamiji Sri Sri Selvam Siddhar is the only Indian spiritual leader presently in USA. Swamiji has specialized the occult sciences and the only qualified scholar to settle the problems like strange behavior, evil spirit’s attack, deadly spirits’ attachment, black magic, jadoo, voodoo, strange talks, continuous bad luck, blockage in the success, sudden downfall in the business / job / life, etc. He is not a usual Astrologer; however he is a Master in the same subject. Astrologers are like school graders and he is playing the role of the Master in the same field. The Master Degree Holder could act as a school grader at any time whereas; the school grader cannot and should not act as a Master Degree Holder without any proper training. Astrology is only a tool to analyze the problem and no one could change some one’s life for a few hundreds of dollars. Like lot of so called funny Astrologers and Swamijis saying, by wearing some kinds of Gem in ring for our finger, one’s life could be changed immediately, then only the Jewelers are the only Gods in the world.

Does any body could spend money to buy the Good luck? No it’s impossible!! The purity in the mind and the actions only, would make some one as the greatest personality in the world. That's why Swamiji always tells to his followers that “you are going to live according to your thoughts”. Also he often says that if you want to cash out your Punya/ blessings, you could certainly do so, however if you want to buy Punya/Blessings with the money, certainly it is impossible. As said by our Swamiji Sri Sri Selvam “Siddhar”, the real fact is that, the Karma cannot be changed, where as we could admit our Karma in a comfortable way and our Swamiji the only Swamiji in USA, who is specialized in this subject .

Most of the Swamijis when coming to USA, they come with some kinds of message or some kinds of Expertise, where as our Swamiji came to USA with his fullest blessings of the Angels (Yaksha Devathaas) and fully with the knowledge of the Atharva Veda. It is also the fact that Atharva Veda is the only Veda that deals with the application part of the Yantra, Thantra, Mantra, Asthra and Sasthra. Swamiji always says that we need to be blessed before we bless someone. Swamiji always boldly says that he is doing business with god, with a meaning that, Swamiji came to USA just to help the human race. Many other Swamijis are also coming to USA. Most of them are coming to USA only for money or for better living. This cannot be and should not be forgotten. However lot of Swamijis, when they visit USA they would always say that, they came here to bless their community or people.

If a Swamiji is coming all the way from India, or any where else, why he/she cannot first bring forward or settle the problems of thousands of people who need help in their mother land itself before entering in to USA?. Several persons do not know how to make their life comfortable but comes out under the name of Swamiji and say that, they could give comfort to others. They may be presenting numerous charitable ideas when they collect money. However, according to the Veda a Swamiji/Saadhu (a spiritual person) means, a person, who don’t have any kind of material desire in his/her life. It would be very hard to see those kinds of people through our naked eyes. . Even in his past, Swamiji Sri Sri Selvam Siddhar has helped a lot of other Swamijis to settle their own personal problems as an Atharva Vedic scholar. Swamiji His Holiness Sri Sri Selvam “Siddhar” is the 1st Hindu Indian in the whole Hindu Lineage and the only Tamilian to build the greatest Shiva temple in the world with 108images of Lord Shiva. He is the only youngest “Siddhar” Swamiji in the entire North America with the highest number of followers.

Swamiji is now building the most expensive Hindu Temple. Swamiji Sri Sri Selvam Siddhar is the first and only Indian to bring out a successful magazine “Siddhi times”. It is the first and only one of its kind in the entire nation. It is the nation’s largest, complementary, full color, monthly Indian-American Spiritual magazine. In the shortest span of time is has got the greatest circulation and readers. The magazine is not brought out with the aim of earning profit. It is only brought out by Swamiji Sri Sri Selvam Siddhar with the only motive to empower the entire human community with humanity and Spirituality. The advertisements in this book are also very limited. The book is kept as a treasure by the readers.